Jan 2, 2014

The $4 million Dollar Question

The Morning Call reported today, in an excellent article by Emily Opilo, that Allentown spent $4 million in legal fees, consultants and public relations to shepherd through it's controversial water lease. An issue not addressed by the article was the failed referendum by the citizen group. The referendum didn't fail with the voters, it failed to get on the ballot, despite containing about 4,000 signatures. It was determined by election officials that the referendum wording put the initiative into the realm of the city charter, and required a different time frame than that used by the petitioners. With the administration spending $4 million on opinion benders, imagine the pressure that might have been applied to those empowered to reject placing the referendum on the ballot.


Rich Fegley said...

As the Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association has stated, Pawlowski and PFM used FALSE and MISLEADING information to convince the Public and City Council that the 35-year INCINERATOR contract was "good" and "better than landfilling" for the City and would save us "$25 million".

The FACT is that the City now will lose $113 million according to Pawlowski and PFM's projections. The false landfill costs of $92.29 compared to Easton's 2014 contracted price of $40.44 for the next 7-years.

Allentown will now lose $113 million according to Pawlowski's own projections.

Does anyone care about this loss? This is a real number. I am still shocked that no one has really picked up on this shit storm yet.

Think about this, if Pawlowski and PFM basically lied to us about the 35-year incinerator deal, imagine what lies we have been told about the water & sewer lease? Even if not "lies", what we were told was more than likely misleading, as a few of us in the community have been saying.

Imagine what false and misleading information we have been given regarding the water & sewer deal. And how about the pension deal?

This is embarrassing for the City of Allentown. Why are we allowing Pawlowski and PFM to mislead City Council and the Public?

I blame members of City Council for claiming IGNORANCE when it comes to these DEALS Pawlowski is making.

I have heard Council members claim ignorance when it comes to detailed legal contracts and financial projections. President Guridy has said that he must simply trust the Mayor and the attorneys and accountants.

Ignorance is bliss. Wake up Anonymous, we are all being duped.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mr. Fegley for your excelent forensic accounting abilities about these facts. There are only four humans in the area that have a sack to speak against the king and his court jesters and one is a female counsil member. The numbers have not even come close to the actual cost to the public.

Since the kings arrivial in 2006 there has been nothing but criminal control of this city and theft of services by all who claim ignorance. The voice of allentowns public has been negated by a carnival of mouthpieces that were paid for with the democratic process negated also. I have personally suffered the wrath of not going along with this circus and as time goes by now my son has suffered because of the acts commited or rather ommitted by officials? Now my child has no choice in witch dirrection his moral compass will point?

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