Jan 20, 2014

City Council's Ugly Present

I suppose the thought was that with Hamilton Street getting $800 million dollars worth of new development, and the mayor being able to use that development as a backdrop for his governor race, City Council should be thrown a crumb or two. Although the city web page touts the renovation as a much needed upgrade, it is horrendous in every facet of it's concept. The architect, W2A, should be embarrassed. The previous straight dais is now a large horseshoe shaped monstrosity, intruding into the chamber, resulting in less seating for the public. While speakers previously stood off to the side where both the council and public could see them, now only their behinds faces the public. Wooden and upholstery theater seats have been replaced with metal chairs, clipped together with plastic connectors. Prior to the meeting last week I told Julio Guridy what I thought of the remodeling. He told me that I was the first person to complain out of about 2000 compliments he received. Not less than 15 seconds later, another person told Julio that the new chamber was horrible. What a consequence.


Bill said...

Metal chairs are so that the public not linger too long in the the chambers

michael molovinsky said...

bill@6:27, they're a step up from folding metal chairs, they have padding on the seat, but they're chintzy compared to the previous chairs. they claim it's for flexibility, so that the chairs can be rearranged for different functions. the fake stone wall behind the dais is straight out of a 1950 decor, they had one at the village inn. maybe the architect used to sit at the bar there and missed it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they felt the chamber should reflect their record as city council people.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

An additional 110-130 seats were added.

Anonymous said...


Albeit more personal, I would think it would be intimidating. Unfortunately now you have see them at close quarters, as they glare and roll their eyes, in contempt of what you have to say.


michael molovinsky said...

apologist at 7:18, the article refers to total seats being increased from 110 to 130, or 20 seats, but that includes seats in the lobby. seating in the chamber itself has been reduced

@10:01, yes, new decor, same old attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the counter of a poorly and non-professionally designed fast food restaurant. 2,000 comments, typically Julio hyperbole. Portends of the future I would say.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there's been accommodations built in for lengthy PowerPoint presentations.

ironpigpen said...

How much money does the City Without (Spending?) Limits blow on that nifty website?

How much of THAT cash spent on the nifty website could be used to feed starving people I always read so much about everywhere, quite literally?

No, I'm NOT joking around.

How much money, how many homeless guys, Comrade Molovinsky?


(yes, the real one)

michael molovinsky said...

rolf @10:54, even i believe that in this day and age the city should maintain a website, i don't imagine that it costs much. the city council chamber cost $120,000 and is much less desirable than it's predecessor. if a few of the previous seats needed repair, they should have gone the repair route.

Rich Fegley said...

It's also fabricated stone.

The worst thing is, I keep seeing the two stones on the wall that are "twins" right behind Peter Schweyer's head. The mason(?) placed two identically shaped stones next to each other. It constantly reminds me that it's artificial.

I agree the dais protrudes too far into the room.

The seats are more comfortable and spacious than the old seats. Vinyl not fabric. Nice cushion though.

BB said...

Two words: tacky, outdated.