Dec 24, 2013

The Train Of Lehigh Parkway

With the 15th Street Bridge closed, as people detour over the  Schreibers stone arch bridge,  few will be aware of the industrial past surrounding them. The Barber Quarry railroad branch line crossed the road, just south of the bridge. On the left was the Union Carbine's Linde plant, the concrete loading dock is still visible. Although the last train ran in the early 1980's, the wooden railroad trestle is still there, to the west and south of the bridge. The area is now used as part of the disc golf course. The photograph was taken by Dave Latshaw in 1976, and is part of the Mark Rabenold Collection.

reprinted from April 2013


Anonymous said...

Good thing that photo was taken in the 1980's. Today, the train likely couldn't be seen because of the way they let the weeds (oops, I mean riparian buffers) grow along the stream edge.

Anonymous said...

Thanx MM,
that picture alone is one of the best gifts a original allentonian could have recieved and there are many? I have a picture of a crane under the bridge with garbage strewn that you had published months of corse the garbage was not there than onlythe morning mist that a fisherman comes upon in the early morning hours? That is a site that will never be seen again?