Nov 13, 2013

Allentown's Fading Memories

I have written recently that the market for Allentown memorabilia was closing fast. With so many new comers to the area, and the graying of the old timers, those interested in acquiring such objects are far and few between. Nostalgia is a different story. The internet allows former Allentonians to remember the good old days. In Allentown's case, many feel that the expression is unfortunately very true. Shown above is the first mayor for life, Joe Daddona, with Willie Restum. Willie was a nationally known sax player, who never forgot his Allentown roots in the Syrian 6th ward. Adding to this blast from the past, is Willie wearing the Allentown All American City tee-shirt. This post was for the subset, born in Allentown before 1960.


Anonymous said...

Joe was the only Democrate I ever voted for, simply because his love of Allentown was stronger than any love of the national Democrat Party.
And Willie Restum? Wow, this son of Allentown and Muhlenberg College was a real treat. As recently as a few years ago he still came to the Fair to play with Les Baer's band. Gream memories, even for this guy that didn't grow up here.

Anonymous said...

When Joe and Annie bought the old Marstellar property on Walnut St. next to Union Terrace, they became one of my accounts,as Annie ran the Store. They also became dear friends. Joe was "Mr. Allentown" He loved this city with great devotion.
Willie Restum still is our Allentown All America City Ambassador.
I have a T-Shirt just like Willies, that Joe gave me. I keep it up in my 3rd floor office stored in safe place for all to see, with my Freeman's Dairy and Hess's memorabilia....PJF