Oct 29, 2013

The Truth In Lehigh County

The Executive race in Lehigh County seems to be the hottest item on the November 5th ticket. It seems that it's being waged mostly by mail, with large colors flyers arriving in your mailbox every few days. Tom Muller has both the upper hand in quantity sent, and the lower hand in negative advertising. He has portrayed his opponent as just an unqualified school bus driver and camp counselor. Although Ott and his fellow Commissioners approved all 15 bridge replacements except one, for historical preservation reasons, Muller and the two Democratic Commissioner candidates raced to bridge, and complained that Ott jeopardized public safety. Here in the blogosphere, Bernie O'Hare has been handling Muller's campaign. Shown above is the Truth Machine that O'Hare insists that Ott submit to. Although Bernie cannot guarantee that the human body can survive the current that the machine uses, he now calls Ott a liar for not submitting to the test. It's a tough year to be a candidate.


Anonymous said...

Just went online and saw Muller's campaign report.

His report is filled with names and groups trying to keep their hand in county government. From lawyers to unions to service providers.

Of course they will all be repaid using our tax dollars. Disgusting.

Interestingly, former Executive Jane Ervin is among the contributors. Ervin, of course, gave taxpayers a 70% tax hike while in office. Birds of a feather?

Anonymous said...

MM, my house, with an R and a D in it, has received no less than 8 ott mailers, many paid for by the state party. we've received none from muller.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:53, i received 4 from muller, and 1 from ott. both candidates are mailing the flyers through their state party office to save on postage, but the candidates are paying for the flyers.

Anonymous said...

Mike I haven't seen you refute what Bernie has posted with any facts; you've just repeated what Ott says in his flyers, that he's 'fiscally conservative,' Muller has sold out to people with interests at the county level, and and therefore Ott deserves support.

You've covered facts on Muller's side, but how do you square your comment about Ott's fiscal conservatism with the fact that his record does not support what he's said in his campaign?

michael molovinsky said...

@9:58, i have very little motivation for this sort of question and answer, and usually don't print or answer questions.

i've already explained, via comment at bernie's, that i consider debating the "facts" with him a waste of time, because they're not facts that he presents, but, IMO, his interpretation of data.

the county commissioners for the most part approve and disapprove items presented by the administration, especially the budget. as i stated several times already, they reduced muller's presented budget by $millions.

the fact that they could not reduce the numbers as much yet as they hoped, is in my mind, a work in progress. some people could call it an unfilled campaign pledge, bernie calls it being a liar.

the budget with issuing a tax credit one year, or not issuing it the next, lends itself to multiple interpretations. i attended several commissioner meetings in the last year, and feel that ott has been consistent in his approach to county government.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder if bernie is getting paid

michael molovinsky said...

@7:25, i'm sure bernie is not being paid, he just goes bonkers for and against certain candidates.

Anonymous said...

A lot of election effort(and $s) to run county government. But, county government is so dictated by state mandates there is little optional spending.

Outside of the county nursing facility and the zoo it's mostly in the judicial arena.

Dean Browning had the grasp of what could and couldn't be managed.