Oct 11, 2013

The Fifth Estate-Blogging

Occasionally I post a comment on The Morning Call website. Invariably, Future Downtown Arena Attendee comes on to say that I live beyond the city borders and only received so many hundreds of votes in my independent bid for mayor. Last time he attributed my criticism of the mayor's initiative on sour grapes, for having lost the election. Of course there could be no other rational reason to oppose all those enlightened plans coming from city hall. In this town, with one party only on city council, and no scrutiny from the local press, this blog is often the epicenter of opposition. Certainly my associate from Nazareth, Bernie O'Hare, adds a larger voice on some issues. The noise Bernie and I make is eventually heard by our newspaper friends. Although you will seldom see mention of our blogs, they eventually adopt the issues.

reprinted from August 3, 2012

UPDATE: There is a new movie about Julian Assange and Wikileaks called The Fifth Estate. I first used the term on this blog on November 25, 2011.

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ironpigpen said...

Third World City Without (Spending?) Limits ...

PEGULA ICE ARENA just opened this weekend at Penn State ... $ 80.0 million dollars for a 6,000 seat arena.

(all the money came from a private donation by the generous owner of the NHL's Buffalo Sabres)

PAWLOWSKI PALACE OF SPORT will open here next fall ... $ 177.1 million dollars for an arena that holds 8,500.

(all the money came from a stupid citizenry who were buffaloed)

Oh well, at least I got my free Obamacare!

Sincerely Progressing Forward,