Oct 17, 2013

Pawlowski's Halloween Tricks

As we approach Halloween, Allentown City Government amuses itself by playing tricks on it's citizens. The mayor played a good one on me, by not mentioning that the dam was being demolished, as we both were commenting on the arena. The city is getting ready to play a much bigger trick, on all it's citizens. Allentonians of memory, of which there are very few who still bother fighting for this town, remember both the incinerator and sewage plant as problems. While the trash incinerator spewed soot over a large portion of the city, the sewage plant emitted unpleasant orders. In a bizarre Halloween type nightmare, Allentown will soon be mixing it's sewage with it's trash, and burning it to produce electricity. It's an experimental process, because only Allentown decided to permit this hideous plant to be built. Citizens of good intent tried to stop this bad dream at City Council, with no success. In desperation, they produced a ballot referendum, only to have it rejected in court, at both the local and state levels. Only because Allentown has a large minority population, and therefore qualifies as an Environmental Justice Area, the state will now hold a hearing on the topic, never mind that the objectors are all white middle class. The meeting is on October 30th. I don't know if the state officials will be wearing Halloween costumes, but I do know that the meeting is just another trick.


Anonymous said...

Pawlowski's Bulldozer wins again.

No real story there.

Sincerest condolences for all your hard work.


Gina said...

Sadly, I agree. There it's no point in fighting this. Our best move it's getting him out of office. I'm just sick over it and will be inclined to leave the area once the incinerator is done.