Oct 5, 2013

De Test Scores, De Test Scores

The Morning Call has an article about recent standardized school test scores. Although the article said the scores were not that important, it's a long feature story, complete with charts. Kids in the Parkland averaged 30 points higher than Allentown, at all grade levels. I would hope that the Allentown School Administration does not overreact to these results. Previous Superintendent, Gerald Zahorchak, turned the system upside down, and inside out chasing better test scores, apparently for not much result. Allentown is dominated by a very poor, transient urban core, where English is often the second language. We previously stripped the arts, gym, library and other essentials for well rounded students who enjoy school. Our teachers and curriculum are as good as any suburban school. Eventually, the student body will become less transient and more stable, performing better on these tests. In the meantime, lets not keep turning the schools inside out.


monkey momma said...

I am puzzled by your statement that the student population will eventually become less transient and more stable. I see no evidence of that. If anything, the cycle of poverty continues to bring more instability each generation.

But I do agree that there is more to a school than standardized test scores. The cuts we saw to "extras" in ASD are just the beginning - I expect things to get much much worse before they ever get better. IF they get better. I wouldn't be surprised if, in 20 years, there wasn't an Allentown School District.

michael molovinsky said...

@1:20, the hispanic population had been very transient in allentown. however, as more and more of them buy houses and develop roots in the area, that will translate into better school results.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Polly-Anna