Oct 3, 2013

Allentown's Pesky Citizens

When you're a transformational leader attempting to share your vision with the rest of the state, it's annoying to deal with those little minds concerned with pettiness, such as the air they breathe and the water they drink. Fortunately for Ed Pawlowski, he has Acting Mayor Fran Dougherty and Mayor In Waiting Julio Guridy to handle those peons. As they line up at the podium at city council, one by one the Guridy-Dougherty tag team disposes of the little pests. The air and water midgets will have to take their case to the Supreme Court, which will hear it in 2021. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Ungrateful Bastards Of the West End.
I live at 22nd and Allen. 2 cars totaled, finished basement had to be gutted, boxes of personal treasures thrown out, hot water heater damage, 10,000 in repairs, so far. Sewer drain backed up 2 days later, direct result of the storm drains pushing it up, another 2,000 to jack hammer the floor and replace pipes. Next door neighbor's hot water heater is gas and after sitting in in 3 ft of water, almost blew. We were evacuated by the fire department, clean up is overwhelming, stress is unbelievable, but ..............I am an ungrateful bastard! Mary Shimshea
The city will complete it's survey of the storm sewer problem by 2019, and in the meantime keep two rowboats at the West End Firehouse.  Those who line up at that podium should be content with the opportunity to express themselves.  The notion that a city moving forward at this rate of speed can slow down to correct neighborhood problems is selfish.

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Monkey Momma said...

Hundreds of millions for an arena while basic needs are neglected. I know arena proponents talk about the rising tide this arena will bring…it seems to me the tide is high enough in the West End.