Sep 2, 2013

The Depreciation Of Our Parks

John Mikowychok, the new park director, suggested that after the dam is demolished an interpretative sign could be placed there, with a photograph of the former dam. John, like his predecessor Greg Weitzel, likes interpretative signs. John and Greg have the same background, they both have graduate degrees in recreation from Penn State. Both were hired by our city manager from Philadelphia, and neither have a special feeling for the Allentown park system. Although there will be no measurable improvement to water quality, Lehigh Parkway will be depreciated in both beauty and ambience. While picture postcards used to show the beauty of the parks, now interpretative signs will show what we neglected and demolished.



Former 4H Clubber said...

"there will no measurable improvement to water quality"

Only your opinion, Mike, not fact, and w/ no science backing you up. In fact, all the science proves you wrong.

Surely you won't print this comment but we'll both know about it now won't we...

michael molovinsky said...

most of comments like above come from the same cyberstalker. ironically, he doesn't even care about the stream or parks, but uses any excuse to attack those on his long enemy list. i occasionally print one his comments, although most are just harassment or threats. in the flooding rain we had several days ago, sewage overflows from the manhole covers along the creek. this reality minimizes any water quality benefit the dam removal provides. large loss of beauty, very small environmental gain.

Anonymous said...

Mike I look at the interpretive signs differently. I'd bet there's a grant out there that'll pay for them. Then these maroons get to add that to the list of grants they've been awarded to "save and improve" Allentown.

All just a game..... and we're left with the irreversible damage when they skip town.

Former 4H Clubber said...

"Swing and a miss," sorry Mike, I'm not him, although I do admire his courage.

"sewage overflows from the manhole covers along the creek. this reality minimizes any water quality benefit the dam removal provides." -Molovinsky

Again, only your opinion, Mike, and you know what they say about opinions-- they're like assholes, everybody has one.

I am positive you won't print this comment :)

Anonymous said...

10:19 -

They're not skipping town.

The advocacy groups continue to seek more government grants, and the people involved continue to kick back a part of the money received to fund the politicians approving the grants. Should the politicians move on or retire, the next group of inept politicians are similarly funded. The cycle continues.

It's all a giant money-laundering scheme, with the taxpayers paying the bill.

michael molovinsky said...

@11:23, money -laundering scheme is a little bit too conspiratorial for me, however, wildlands is supported by nestle water which came here because of LCA. LCA projects clearly are not in the interests of the valley's water supply or quality. i.e, drilling new wells near the creek's headwaters to supply the bottling industries. the discharge from the new ocean spray plant is horrendous, resulting in multiple fines at their previous location in new jersey. the wildlands conservancy clearly picks and chooses it's science, and ignores large environmental issues to get large donations. the allentown park system rolls over and gives them free range for their token science fair projects, depreciating our park system.

michael molovinsky said...

bill villa @11:13, only you find yourself courageous. courage isn't sending harassing comments all day and threatening to beat people up.

Anonymous said...

MM, if these water bottling are so willing than why not have them develop Newielers¿ There is a natural spring in the subterainian bowels of this site¿

The grant process is more costly to only too allentowns homeowners and quility landlords¿

Ruth Heil said...

A free-flowing stream is far more beautiful than one locked behind a man-made wall. That's my opinion. As for two facts, free-flowing water is cooler than impounded water, which makes it favored by trout (among others), and free flowing water allows species to move up and down the stream as nature intended. There are other benefits to dam removal, such as eliminating liability for the dam owner. And dams such as this do not control flooding. In most cases they can make it worse.

Still, I value your appreciation for Allentown's parks. They are a treasure and a thing worth arguing over.