Sep 19, 2013

The Bricks Of Allentown

Years ago, on the quiet clean streets of Allentown,  the mornings belonged to the milkman, until people got up for their jobs. The streets are still quiet in the mornings, but they're not clean, and very few people get up for a job. Over the decades, center city became entrenched with the professional low income, migrating from the bigger cities. The Historic District, and other endeavors, served only as a finger in the dike for the middle class. As welfare rules tightened, the under-motivated became dependent on Social Security Disability, a life long de-motivator. On Monday, as the Budweiser Clydesdales walked down the street at noon, half the city's population was still asleep. As Allentown builds a shiny new arena, hoping for a revival, those very people they hope to attract have moved on and away from that urban malady, not inclined to return.

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Anonymous said...

All too true.

This is why at least part of the grand plan for Allentown can be welcomed and even applauded, I think. If the city can start to change the urban, downtown demographis, there may be a chance to reverse decades of decline by balancing the population with working-class, tax paying contributors, right?