Sep 26, 2013

People Who Need People Are The Nicest

I was just reading about ReNew Lehigh Valley and sustainable communities. People who need people are the nicest people in the world! These types of organizations spend $millions of dollars in grants to see what the ten yuppies in the valley want to improve their quality of life. Is it a $million dollar a mile train track to NYC to catch dinner and a show? Is it a valley wide health organization to supplement ObamaCare? Should we buy some more farms to make sure we don't lose any of the 33 million existing acres of farmland in Pennsylvania? Meanwhile, step on no toes. Don't say anything about fracking or burning sewage and trash to make energy. Spend grants on surveys and public input meetings, but don't support efforts for a public referendum. People who need people are the nicest people in the world.

UPDATE: I was misinformed,  my apology, now that these organizations are halfway through a three year, $3.4 million dollar grant to get our input (and their salaries) I must man up and admit that I was wrong,  I should have said People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.


Anonymous said...

It's the same old hype being studied again using more grant money.

What new info do they expect to produce? Make usable deliverables a requirement for grants! Maps, designs, statistical date, etc. Another list of yuppy feel good visions isn't a good use of tax money. No skill is required to hold happy valley meetings. One simple scholarship to a low income kid is worth much more.

These organizations are filled with visionaries, but few actual producers of results, Please no more studies to file on the shelf.

Rob Hamill said...

That grant was from HUD, an extension of the community organizer-in-chief. Which means equal outcomes according to our dear leader, not equal opportunities which has been the bedrock of this country since 1776.