Sep 8, 2013

Buffalo Soldiers Visit Block Party

The Buffalo Soldiers came to support Ce-Ce Gerhart's Fundraiser. The Buffalo Soldiers were black cavalry regiments who gained fame during the Indian Wars, following the Civil War. The units existed until the army ended segregation after WW2. About twenty members of the Pocono Mountain Chapter of The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club made the ride to Allentown.



Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! A community event with a sense of history which can result in the young people having a stronger sense of self.... This is what is TRULY needed in order to turn Allentown around: People with a strong sense of pride in the city as well as themselves.

Alfonso Todd

Mr. G. Custer said...

Mr. Molovinsky, actually the "Buffalo Soldiers" regiments are happily still with us. We can find battalions of the U.S. Army carrying the lineage of the 9th and 10th Cavalry regiments today, largely at Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Carson, CO.

They are, of course, no longer segregated but those who serve in these units take great pride in their past and current accomplishments.