Aug 22, 2013

WPA Effort Goes Facebook

Thanks to the kindness of others, our WPA efforts are on  Facebook. Although I will take credit for the photograph of the bridge, dam, and wall, the page was started by others, and is currently maintained by Steven Ramos. This coming Wednesday, August 28th at 6:00p.m., City Council will discuss the fate of the Robin Hood dam. If you would like the dam and ambience to remain as is, please consider attending the meeting. If you like to see the WPA structures in our park system maintained, please make your Facebook friends aware of the WPA Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Congratulations. You are in the forefront of protecting what is left of our beautiful Parkway. Bethlehem is considering a no-smoking sign posting in its parks but doubt that could even be enforced in Allentown. Interesting though.

michael molovinsky said...

allentown should start with litter laws. not just the property owner where it lands, but the actor who drops it.