Aug 25, 2013

A Walk In The Parkway

Yesterday, the above photo by Morning Call photographer Denise Sanchez appeared under the heading, A Walk In The Parkway. If her assignment had anything to do with my editorial the previous Saturday on the riparian buffer, remains to be seen. I can tell you that I received a lot of feedback on the piece. The more important battle will be this coming Wednesday evening at 6:00p.m., when City Council discusses the proposed removal of the Robin Hood Dam. Although the unsightly riparian barriers can be cut down to restore the public's view and access to the creek, a destroyed dam cannot be restored.


Anonymous said...

Shame the photographer didn't capture the 8 x 4 piece of plywood in the water underneath the walking bridge. It's only been there for days.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:36, i sincerely appreciate your readership, however, in the future such comments will not be published. my objective is the big picture issues and policy. it does not serve that mission to criticize the park department unduly for occasionally being behind on routine maintenance, for a day or two. considering the manpower shortage, and the recent loss of the water shed employees to LCA, hope you understand.