Aug 27, 2013

A Place Of Beauty

The above photograph is right up there with my better park pictures, but of course I had a little help from the WPA. The Wildlands Conservancy and I disagree over the date of the dam. I place it with the bridge in 1941, they think it was built by the Corp of Engineers in 1945, as part of the water level monitoring station. In a communication between ecological types, they say that it's essential that it be removed. They talk about obsolete dams and macro-invertebrates. Whether the dam is 72 years old, or only 68 years old, it's hard to imagine that it's now essential that it be removed. It's not that I'm insensitive toward macro-invertebrates, but Harry Trexler had the park designed for people.



Guy Williams said...

Im sure they will come up with a convincing argument for their side just like theirs pro and con to the freakin Hoover Dam. Its just that simple, Do the majority of people in Allentown want the riparian zones and the removal of the dam or not? I think not. So let the wildlands people volunteer and pick up all the city street trash thereby insuring the storm water runoff is of better quality. That would be my science experiment.

Bill said...

Good pic. I agree with your position on this one.