Aug 29, 2013

A Night Of Propaganda

The Morning Call reporter described last night's meeting on the dam as contentious. The odds were about as I expected, about 50 for the dam, vs. me. Although I was only suppose to speak once for three minutes, (I did insist on another 30 seconds) two people stood up and were specifically offended by what I had said. The meeting started off with a slick power point presentation by the Wildlands Conservancy. In it they harped on how dangerous dams are, and how much liability it's presence carries for Allentown. City Council will be protecting Allentown by endorsing it's removal. They kept illustrating the dangerous Jordan dam, and what a good job they did for the city by removing it last month. Gone from the equation was truth; The Jordan Dam was built above water level with dangerous pipes through it. The Robin Hood Dam is a below water surface scenic dam, which children have been wading near for 70 years. During my few minutes I mentioned the propaganda 101 technique that Wildlands employed. A gentleman stood up and was offended that I would use the word propaganda in regard to such a wonderful organization. The Wildlands had solicited every science professor in the valley to line up and parrot that dams are bad. Gone from the equation was the beauty and magic of the dam and bridge together. Even our own new park director sat with the Conservancy and echoed their program. He referred to removing the dam as a safety issue. The decision to save the dam now rests with the mayor. I hope he stands on the bridge in the next few days, and experiences what has delighted Allentonians for 70 years.

The Express-Times coverage of the meeting

WFMZ69 coverage of the meeting


michael molovinsky said...

although i chose to use a photograph of nazi's to illustrate the issue of propaganda, i do not mean to imply that anybody involved with this issue, in any way, is a nazi. furthermore, i will host no comments that go off on that tangent.

Anonymous said...

MM -

How many incidents did they provide to backup their statement that the dam is unsafe?

Also, how did the dam above the Fish Hatchery fare?

michael molovinsky said...

@12:31, they provided no incidents. they were generalizing about dams, using jordan as an example, which was a totally different type, with pipes through the wall, which protruded above the water. that generalization, or distortion, is why i say they engaged in propaganda techniques. unfortunately, the new park director repeated this misinformation on their behalf.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:31, i did not address the dam above the fish hatchery.