Jul 24, 2013

The Hope and Change of Allentown's Transformation

Last week I had a letter to the editor in the Morning Call. It was a rework of an earlier blog post, in which I state that although there will be more lunch business from additional office workers, that will be the extent of any spinoff. I called the arena itself a white elephant. Yesterday, I bumped into an acquaintance at the supermarket, a card carrying liberal type. We usually disagree about things in a cordial fashion. In a less than friendly manner, he told me that my letter in the paper was "Just nasty." I asked him if he though that the arena projects would change things, and that Allentown would be a day destination and a nightspot?

He replied, "No, not right away, but maybe with time, you gotta start somewhere."

I told him that it either works or it doesn't. Furthermore, it will have it's biggest draw when new, and that the bloom will fade fast. He's hoping that I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...


In general our liberal friends have faith in government and their elected officials. Conservatives want proof and independent studies first. We are less willing to hope things work out.

Scott Armstrong

monkey momma said...

Anyone who has been to Camden or Newark knows that an arena is NOT a panacea for a city's ills. (And really, those cities make Allentown's woes look laughably cute.) There are many more examples of blighted cities hosting arenas - these are just 2 that any local politician could have and SHOULD HAVE visited prior to all of this arena madness.

Your LTTE didn't seem nasty. It wasn't rude. It just expresses a viewpoint that has been ignored and ridiculed by our local government officials.

After seeing how Pawlowski & Co., Inc. handled this arena, is it any wonder that apathy exists in this city? It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks - the mayor gets his way and lines the pockets of his cronies. Truly disgusting.