Jul 15, 2013

Sewer Leak Problem, Maybe

I was a smoker for over 40 years, so I don't smell much, but I can smell the odor from the water on the other side of the cofferdam, shown above. This is a difficult post to write, because both the construction company and the city say there's no leak, no problem. I can tell you that the water on the northern end of the trench, shown above, is greenish and putrid. Water on the southern end of the trench, being dug for a new storm sewer line, is much cleaner and doesn't smell. I can tell you that the green putrid water is being pumped out by a long hose, across the creek, where it is being treated by a large filter device, just south of the amphitheater stage. It is my fear that perhaps a sanitary sewer line was either nicked in the excavation, or a previously leaking line was unearthed. As an advocate for the parks, I feel compelled to shine a light on this situation, awkward as it may be. If my fear is unfounded, which I hope it is, my apology to any offended parties. The Allentown drinking water is taken from that creek, about a mile downstream.
UPDATE: Both the title and text of this post have been revised.
UPDATE Wednesday July 17, 2013: Further inquires indicate that there is NOT a sewage leak. I hope to be able to write a separate, conclusive correction to this post in the near future.


Anonymous said...

MM, before the lease to the concessionair and while both parties were present in a Allentown City Counsil meeting of the whole I was the one that asked counsil "what are we driking" with a filter in hand that looked soaked in the mudpuddle in the picture above¿ The filter was not though it is postioned after the brandnew watermeter to my house and I must change it every two weeks, the manufacture recomends change every six months¿ I am very thankful to god that the water entering my house is only for washing¿ If you find this hard to publish because of my question marks do as they say I do, put a tindoil hat on and hold your head upsidown while reading¿¿¿¿¿


Anonymous said...

Wow This makes sense as last week in Lehigh Parkway it was impossible to walk past one of the sewer manholes. The stench was horrific.

Anonymous said...

Sadly in this city it appears lots gets covered up. Perhaps federal officials could be called in to examine this issue?

Anonymous said...

What about the Union Terrace Crime Watch. Couldn't they insist on a water quality test?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps. Not sure of anything, but the sewer line from Union Terrace might carry down into Lehigh Parkway near the manhole where odor filled the atmosphere. It kinda makes sense as the manhole is south of this land.

ironpigpen said...

Way off topic but nevertheless :

Am I the ONLY one amused by the front page of today's The Morning Call?

RICH FEGLEY never saw a Big Government grant he didn't like.

Fegley has to be kidding with his whining about high taxes --- SOMEONE has got to pay for all the endless "programs".

Fegley should focus on what is important --- Pawlowski's Palace of Sport.