Jul 31, 2013

Is Allentown Humpty Dumpty?

When I read about Billy's Diner replacing Sangria at the Butz Building, my thoughts turned to Humpty. I also thought about the Diner at 9th and Linden. Years ago I posted about all the grants going to the new restaurants, and nada for the existing meat and potato crowd, that has been staying the course, and paying the taxes. I do believe that Billy's has a shot. Is he or Butz getting a little grant incentive, only a forensic accountant could tell. For Butz, going from Sangria to Billy's is a lesson in humility, that normally you have to attend church to learn. Now if some of the clientele from 9th and Linden ends up at 9th and Hamilton, that will be another bible lesson.


Anonymous said...


The only people who eat downtown are those who work there. No one goes there for the ambiance.Billy's is very likely the better fit.

Scott Armstrong

DaveZig said...

I'm glad Billy's is taking a chance down there. They will do fantastic 7 days a week. It's hard to find a really good restaurant in Allentown and Billy is a place that I only get to once in a Blue Moon. You watch shows like Diners, Drive-In's and Dives and think..."Why can't we have places like that here?" I believe with downtown being the first jumping off point for city development, places like Billy's will become more the norm than the exception. Not just with food, but all types of business.

Anonymous said...

Stick to what the people who become regulars want. Too many places think they can make it on the menu that is best for tourist venues.

Sangria was fine for the occasional diner, but not aimed at the frequent customer.

Places like Outback, Henrey's, and Youells have a frequent clientele because they serve traditional meals. Just enough variety but always high quality and consistency.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@8:57, if you want positive spin on the news, this isn't the place. for that there is the other blogs and morning call. although i wish billy's success, they are not taking a chance. the taxpayers already took the chance and gave butz a grant three years ago for $350,000 to outfit a restaurant. billy is going into a setup which costs much more than he would have ever spent, at no cost to him or butz.

Anonymous said...

Billy's isn't a typical LV diner. I think it will do quite well in Center City, but don't confuse it with the grease trap places that serve the $5 breakfast. Look at their menu: breakfast with coffee will run $10 or more (before tip). While it isn't Sangria, it isn't anything close to the diner at 9th/Linden that I visit weekly.

What will be funny is that the owner of Billy's is a die hard tea partier. It will be interesting to hear his public rants about democrats when we all know how heavily subsidized his rent is.

Anonymous said...

Billy's is the type of eatery that has historically fed the people of the Valley. I believe his family group were looking at 9th and Ham., as a possible location, even before Sangria opened. His opening there will please all.
Michael, I have just added some new readers to your "blog" Keep up all the good work of giving us the "the rest of story"......PJF

Anonymous said...

That picture is more fitting of allentowns own king than bernies picture in the pompuss suit. November is approaching an election time will be upon us and still like in the 90's officials have not helpped one bit in to many parts of innercity. The main population lives in many uninhabitable rentals that the administration seems to be overlooking because of there ethanticity or just because they cosider them a cancer¿ Yet these same people inhabitating the city will be the ones making or breaking the the epicenter of transgretional transformation of all this is because the administration has put the cart before the horse¿
As the empire falls so will hupty dumpty unless many qualified consultants to pick up the pieces before it falls as it has many times under the present kings reign¿

Anonymous said...


Allentown has MANY great diner's within a 5-10 mile radius. Unsure why people want to put one above another. Sure, some food may be better than others in the locations, but all in all, it is still a diner, no more, no less. DaveZig, who asked," Why can't we have places like that here?" We actually do. The President of the United States visited one of the locations. I wish people would see the value we already HAVE in Allentown instead of ushering and praising those who are supposed to be the new saviors and trendsetters.... SMH

Alfonso Todd