Jul 28, 2013

Allentown Memorabilia

The time and market for Allentown memorabilia has come and gone. With a changing population, and the graying of the native town folks, objects of our history are destined for the landfill. Even the local historic society concentrates on shows of general interest, such as Abraham Lincoln. In addition to having been a retail mecca, Allentown manufactured a large assortment of products. Allentown was stamped on tools, knifes, and metal products of all kinds, distributed nationwide. A local regional food product was the hard pretzel, a variation of the traditional German soft pretzel. Allentown had several pretzel companies. Miller's operated out of their factory at 732 Tilghman Street, between 1944 and 1978. In the coming months this blog will profile some of these Made In Allentown products, before litter and meaningless slogans became our legacy.


  1. Michael, Could you please consider starting a "Manufactured in Allentown" file as you proceed?? I'll tell you why when I contact you privately.
    Thank You.....PJF

  2. Yeah --- okay --- maybe -- but we have those cool bike markers now.

  3. Michael,
    The Miller Pretzel Company actually started in the early to mid 1920"s. After a first failed attempt as "Wise Pretzels", my grandfather purchased a new recipe for the pretzels and reopened as Miller's. Earle Miller passed away in December of 1946 and his widow, Cora Miller, operated the bakery until 1958, when my father bought the business . He sold the business, building and equipment to three different individuals in 1978. By 1980, the company was out of business.


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