Jun 25, 2013

School Board Math Test

The Administration has been going around pushing to turn the Phoenix Building into apartments, and give the owner a pass on taxes, to boot. Needless to say, the pitch worked at City Council, what doesn't? That independent body voted 6 to 0 to approve, with Jeanette Eichenwald absent. They're using the old historic name, Adelaide, in their pitch, and the usual buzz words, like loft and young professionals. The developer wants to turn the building into 150 apartments. Unless we learn how to clone young professionals, common sense knows that school age children will be running up and down the hallways at the Phoenix, or Adelaide, or whatever they call it. If many children aren't there for the first wave of tenants, they surely will be, as the bloom fades on that rose, long before the KOZ would expire. What does it cost the Allentown School system to educate 100 to 150 children a year? The taxes on the building are only $18,000. Any more than two students is a loser to the School Board. How many children can they expect from 150 apartments? Why would they even consider approving a tax incentive? Why would the Administration even ask?

The classic postcard shows the building from the rear, facing the Jordan Creek


Anonymous said...

The only young proffessinals that will be comming to allentown are professional criminals, look at the building that has not even reached capacity¿ The cars that are there infect the city each night to distribute the illicite drugs this administration claims ignorance of this fact¿ Take a good look at the plates on the cars and notice the out pf state plates that never change according to state law rules¿

Anonymous said...

MM -

Where does it stop?

If the taxpayer-subsidized NIZ cannot spur non-subsidized development at locations within a short walk if its boundaries, why bother?

Is the goal to create two-tiers of taxpayers - those who pay little or nothing and the rest of us saps who pay the full amount?

monkey momma said...

Usually, well heeled young professionals come from families of well heeled older professionals. I have to imagine that the older generation would, by and large, not be thrilled to see their offspring take their expensive college education and live in what appear to me to be the projects. Not to mention the issue of where all these well heeled young urbanites will be working. I know the awesome jobs are just right around the corner in the NIZ…but they're not here yet. And I'll believe the employment market is improved in A-Town when it's actually improved.

Unless there is a specific provision in the leases that prevent people under the age of 18 living in these "lofts," then there most certainly will be children. And not just 2.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:03, pawlowski's goal may be to put as much development on his re'sume as possible for political reasons, regardless of the long term consequences. as a property rights advocate, i would reluctantly allow conversion of former factories, but certainly not provide any incentives.

Anonymous said...


So much is wrong with this KOZ request yet the school board seems willing to accept at face value the presentation of the city and AEDC.
Very troubling.