Jun 19, 2013

Allentown Meat Packing Co.

My grandfather lived on the corner of Jordan and Chew, and butchered in a small barn behind the house. He would deliver by horse and wagon to his customers, corner markets. The house is still there, the barn, long gone. My father, and one of his brothers, acquired the H.H. Steinmetz packing house in 1943. Operating as Allentown Meat Packing, by 1950 they closed the slaughter house, and converted the front of the plant into a meat market open to the public. That continued to 1970, when it was leased to an operator who sold meat by freezer full packages. In 1975 the building was torn down, as part of a long term lease agreement with A&B, who wanted the space for parking. The photo was taken just prior to demolition.

reprinted from January 2011


Anonymous said...

Another edited out news weekend is upon us on this hump day. Thank you for publishing my last troll post, maybe you can find out about the citys efforts on this action or if they are just buullying with homerule¿

Thanks for the unedited history story of the hard workers of allentown that had made allentown the all american city it once was.

michael molovinsky said...

redd@6:08, your question about allentown's NIZ fueled new development along a flood plain, in the previous post, is very relevant. allentown meat packing was equipped with a second story meat cooler and freight elevator, for that very reason. however, i have come to the conclusion that the state and federal governments are used as a rubber stamp or excuse, in regard to local decisions.