May 24, 2013

The Unemployed Consigliere

Come the new year, and Bernie O'Hare could well be out of a job. How do you explain to unemployment that you're a consigliere, and have lost your influence at the government center? If Bernie fails to get the position renewed, it won't be from a lack of effort on his part. This week he actually compared John Callahan to Abraham Lincoln. Preparing for the worst, Bernie is willing to commute to work. In addition to Callahan, he will photograph and praise Tom Muller this fall, way beyond the normal bounds of good taste. The photograph shown here was taken yesterday. Bernie injured his back and was unable to exercise for three day, during which time he gained 70 pounds.


Chris Casey said...

You gave me a good laugh this AM MM.

Anonymous said...

This could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thax mm
Just another unedited news media outlet weekend upon us and the only thing that is entertaining is the gluttonous public figures that makes most people always get a good giggle in jest¿

Anonymous said...

I have always been reminded of Abraham Lincoln when confronted with the person of that exceptional young man John Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Commute to work. He already does.
Bike and Italian Green Racing Shirt.
He's a hunk.

Anonymous said...

Abe Lincoln was into Casinos?


No wonder I'm not smart enough to hang around with the Special People.