May 16, 2013

The Hamilton Street Bridge

The current Hamilton Street Bridge was completed in 1959, replacing the former steel trestle bridge. With the new Hamilton Street entrance ramp aligned further to the south, a small portion of front street and a few houses were vacated. Additionally, an entrance ramp was added from Union Street, which previously ended at Front Street. The photo above shows a portion of the earlier bridge and the former A&B meat packing plant, beyond their office building.  The office building has been incorporated into the America On Wheels Transportation Museum. lower photo shows entrance to former steel trestle bridge, with entrance ramp skirting A&B Packing House.

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Bethlehem Native said...

Thanks for that first pic. I was perusing the Morning Call's photos on imagefortress yesterday and stumbled on a few aerials of the old Hamilton Street bridge. Even with the A&B plant in the shots, I was having a hard time figuring out the new bridge's location in relation to the old.
Honestly, these are the weird civil engineering things that fascinate me.