May 10, 2013

Local Current Artists: Alison Bessesdotter

Usually, when you meet a good artist who is prolific, they are also so versatile it's hard to define their work.  Among many other descriptions, it can be said that Alison Bessesdotter makes tranquil paintings and watercolors that resemble fabric. She also makes fabrics which resemble paintings. Her tools, paint, brush and sewing machine are used interchangeably, sometimes all on one piece. If that merging isn't enough, she also puts her art on wearables, both jackets and wristbands. Bessesdotter recently moved her studio from Hamilton Street to the Banana Factory in South Bethlehem.


  1. Who can blame her? The Art scene over there is active and interesting, contrast that to the environment on Hamilton Street.

    Scott Armstrong

  2. scott @6:11. this post wasn't meant to contrast cities, but to feature bessesdotter. i met her and became acquainted with her work because she was kind enough to host the greg weaver show. she had a nice space in a nice building, in the 500 block of hamilton. coincidentally, an article in today's morning call bodes well for that block.

  3. I just saw her featured in Lehigh Valley Style. They gave her a rave review. Bethlehem is fortunate to get her. ( I'm willing to bet an artist of her caliber will find a much more conducive and welcoming environment over there.)
    Good luck to her in her Bethlehem location.

  4. @7:58, lots of reasons go into an artist moving their studio, not the least of which is rent. greg weaver moved his studio no less than three times. artists have even moved from nyc to allentown. lets try and support our local artists, in whatever lehigh valley city they work in.

  5. Alison Bessesdotter is an accomplished artist with an almost unbelievable range of style and technique. Don't take my word for it - if you have not seen her work check it out. Impressive.
    The future is bright for her no matter where her stuido is located. We're lucky to have her in the Lehigh Valley.
    Let's hope she sticks around.

  6. Alison has a great deal of versatility but her work on jackets and wrist/arm bands are my favorites.You have to see the myriad designs and then touch them to understand/feel the rare quality of true artistry she imparts to the fabric that you can/ will wear a lot.
    The people in Allentown have not lost access to her work as they know where to find her at the Banana factory.

  7. Thank you Michael for appreciating my artwork. Hosting the Greg Weaver show at the Verksted was my pleasure. A shout out to Roger Cerruti who owns the building at 542 Hamilton Street. It was not an easy decision to move my studio to Bethlehem. I will miss being close to the Antonio Salemme Foundation and all my friends. The Allentown art scene has been good to me and I will continue to be involved in town.

  8. Love that photo on this post. What in the world combination of media is that? WOW!

  9. I know BLOG doesn't stand for Be Literally On Guard but can't we just celebrate Alison without an Allentown v Bethlehem thing

  10. @ 7:17
    Cool. Let's all agree to sign on to the fantasy that creative
    artistic people looking for a vibrant, supportive, collaborative community find Allentown to be even remotely comparable to Easton or Bethlehem.
    I don't know this artist so I have no idea why she is relocating OUT of the NIZ. I wish her well. If she was a friend or colleague of mine I'd say smart move.
    Now.. if she was a writer who specialized in fiction..

  11. @9:00
    I think all 717 was saying is "does everything have to be political?"
    Her art is sublime. The Valley should be proud to have her

  12. At 10:12 PM.

    No. Some things are cultural.

  13. Let us not forget that Allentown has some great arts institutions. the Allentown Symphony, the 19 Street Theater, the Baum School, and the lovely Allentown Art Museum. Some of these great instutions have done more to support local artists and the development of an indigenous arts community on the ground, some less.
    All of them make an incalculable contribution to the cultural vibrancy of the region.