May 8, 2013

Dam Removal Threatens Bridge

An on site engineering consultation made the following points.

Removing a dam is one thing, removing a dam next to a bridge is another. 

After the dam is removed, expect the creek bed to be several feet lower. 

The bridge piers must first be evaluated for depth and condition.

Did the Wildlands Conservancy provide the City of Allentown with the proper engineering studies to confirm that removing the dam will not have an adverse effect on the bridge?  Is the City of Allentown willing to jeopardize the citizen's iconic Robin Hood Bridge to accommodate a pet project of the Wildlands Conservancy? The dam removal will significantly increase the velocity of the stream and accelerate pier scour. Will the Wildland Conservancy indemnify the City for consequential bridge re-mediation or replacement?


Anonymous said...

Will funding for the studies you mention be the next way the Wildlands Conservancy is paid off for its silence on real park/environmental issues?

Anonymous said...

YES! inspite of Wildands regular sell-outs to big donors like the LCA( shameless,they get $$$$ from LCA and cover their ass on sewage spills and wells sucking water out of the Little Lehigh, SHAMELESS) ----- inspite of backing Allentown Parks and Rec. Director Greg Weitzel goofiest park adventures ( where would one begin, and Weitzel was given awards by Wildlands to pad his resume, Weitzel gave Wildlands big $$$$$$)--- inspite of NOT sticking up for important environmental issues that might disturb funders $$$$$$ ( like protecting the LCA when raw sewage runs in the Little Lehigh, WHEN POOR KIDS SWIM DOWN STREAM AND THE CITY OF ALLENTOWN HEALTH BEAU.KEPT SILENT) ------ inspite of a tepid response to the City of Allentowns plans to do commercial logging on South Mountain ------

In spite of the well established record of the Wildlands to start streambank buffer zones, not finish them, maintain them, or do quality sustainable work---

The Wildlands, like their powerful funder the LCA, operates with a lack of transpariency and sells out to corporate $$$$$$$.

The Wildlands, like the LCA,has a long record of shenanigans, and is NOT AN HONEST BROKER.
Yes, Wildland take $$$$$ and stays silent, does poor work in Allentown.Are they qualified to remove these dams. I can't answer that one.

In spite of all that, THE LITTLE LEHIGH AND JORDAN CREEK ARE HEALTHER IN EVERY REGARD WITH THE DAMS REMOVED!!!!!! The science is NOT CONTROVERSIAL, and mountains of impeccable science and research bear this out folks.
Healther in every regard........

Thank you for allowing me to comment. Keep up you important work on this blog sir.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:59, there are considerations other than the optimum health of the stream, in this case the preservation of an iconic bridge, which neither the city or conservancy would replace. please remember that this is a city park, designed to accommodate the enjoyment and relaxation of citizens. no further comments will be hosted alluding to science and dams.

Anonymous said...

Science is over rated.

michael molovinsky said...

@3;15, this blog has documented sewage overflowing in lehigh parkway numerous times (use search engine on sidebar) it's pure nonsense to remove the dam for water quality, while ignoring the sewer line problem. this dam must remain to protect the bridge from bridge pier scour (science of erosion). if this bridge is lost, lehigh parkway will virtually have no parking.

Anonymous said...

I no longer have faith in "engineering studies" at this location. Remember the study on the big wall that led to turning Park Dr. One Way ??!!!?
What a joke.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:09, the engineering in allentown does seem to often follow the politics. as for the wall, I believe that when they paved the former stone shoulder, the pressure from the cars on the curve then transfered to the wall. the city engineer, rich young, discounts this theory. at any rate, we have a compromised park system, based on political agenda. how sad that the fountain park pool has been closed for three years because of a filter, while we wasted money on weitzel's water world plans for cedar beach. how sad that we are allowing the wildland conservancy to threaten our bridge and park parking.