May 4, 2013

A Revolting Development

At the end of every episode of The Life Of Riley, Chester Riley would say "What a revolting development this turned out to be." If I was Dave Erdman, Editor of The Morning Call, I might have uttered those words at the History Museum on Blogger Night. The paper did everything right to promote the event. In addition to continuous notices in the hard copy paper, and the digital version, they offered free trial digital subscriptions, plus food and beverage for attending. It truly was a well done production. Never the less, not all the winning bloggers even attended, much less any general public. Despite all the publicity, the needle on the site counter for this blog hasn't moved. I make a point of listening to what is discussed in diners in the morning. The recent police raid on the stripper club garnished much more interest than the water lease. Interest in the news, either main stream or alternative, is minimum in this town. Half the population is in a social economic survival mode, which consumes their attention. The other remaining half is indifferent, at least to local affairs. Those of us that are interested in such things may have the problem requiring help.


  1. Very nice article and very well written MM.

    The last sentence has me stumpped though, do you mean local legal legal coluded help that is a not going to happen or mental health treatment because local powers that be tagged us as such¿

    As for this Reily guy, how did he work his way into realestate development from hospital administration¿ Would that be local ties with developers or just because of knowledge of legalities of theft of medicaid and medicare¿ Than the is the theft of the cigerette monies that the case were one down south somewhere¿
    Thank you for this weekend piece.

  2. @9:05, some clarifications. the riley in this post refers to chester riley, a television character of the 1950's. currently and locally, J.B. Reilly is the main developer of the buildings attached to the arena. he never worked for the hospital, but was on it's board of directors. the last sentence in the post just speculated on the value of worrying about things that so few others seem to care about.

  3. Thanx for that clarification MM, I'm very interested in the local workings of the powers that be locally. Than there are the checks and balances for a system that was put in place to protect the people. This system obviously has many flaws in allentown, this week a new parks director was hired without counsils approval¿ The workings of this administration are very questionable at best if not on the fringes of being criminally colluded¿

    As for the man in the picture and his words of wisdom your satire is very interesting and truth be told one of the best writers of unedited local news¡

  4. Michael,
    When asked what is the matter with Allentown?? I, without hesitation, send them directly to blog and tell them to do their homework of researching back over the last several years of your insightful observations. Then come back ask me the question again more intelligently. We are just a microcosm of the ills that affect the Country today, starting in Washington D.C.
    Allentown needs to clean itself up from "stem to stern" Cleaning out City Hall would be a good start.
    Keep up the good work, your audience is growing.....PJF

  5. PJF@10:49, my purpose was not to complain about the size of my audience, but only to note that there is a limited interest in the transparency and responsiveness of our local government.

  6. Michael, I did not mean to imply that.
    But your reply back to me says it all, and I add:
    Apathy and indolence, especially from those who complain the most.....PJF

  7. "apathy"

    noun = lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern

    synonyms = indifference, unconcern, torpor, listlessness


    "Apathy ... especially from those who complain the most"

    By definition, that appear to be impossible, Mr. Molovinsky.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,



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