Apr 1, 2013

The Little Bridge of Lehigh Parkway

A few years ago, new and young visitors to the park would have no idea that a magnificent miniature bridge crossed a spring run to the Little Lehigh. Certainly, such a stone construction wasn't necessary to cross the 24 inch waterway. It was built in a era of masonry art, fueled by the Great Depression, and funded by Roosevelt's WPA. Over the last decade, budgetary cutbacks and environmentalists demanding riparian zones, justified allowing it to be consumed by brush and saplings. In 2010, I persuaded Mike Gilbert, park department manager, to partially clear around the bridge. Although a tree now blocks it's southern approach, the bridge has been given a reprieve on it's destruction. Please join me April 6th, and learn about the hidden treasures of Lehigh Parkway.


Anonymous said...

Michael, Both the wife and I are planning on being there. I'll see if we can round up a few more folks to join in and become educated on our beautiful park systems magnificent past, that has been sorely neglected by recent uncaring Administrations.
Everything for a "quick buck" or political gain today. Let's see if we can help you correct this sorry state of affairs.....PJF

michael molovinsky said...

PJF @ 10:01, that's appreciated. i'm trying to generate some notice about the Walk, because maintenance of the structures requires a higher priority on the park agenda than they currently enjoy. the more public knowledge and support, the better for the cause.

Anonymous said...

I know of NO enviromentalist who advocated for this neglect in any way, shape or form.