Apr 10, 2013

As The World Turns In Allentown

As politics go in the little league of Allentown, which is anything other than the Pawlowski machine, Kim Velez was reinstated this morning by Judge Michelle Varricchio. According to Bernie O'Hare, who attended the hearing, Brennan's story was weak, and the best he could ask for was that the judge wouldn't use the term duress in deciding what had transpired. Brennan did concede that he was working for Mike Fleck, who represents Pawlowski, Guridy and Moto among others. Ms. Velez accepted last place on the ballot, rather than press to have the ballot positions redrawn. I used the term little league because The Morning Call put Michael Donovan's mayoral announcement on page six of today's paper. As an independent, I was treated in such a second class fashion in 2005, but then there was both a Democrat and Republican running, and I was third man. Hopefully, Donovan will get better positioning as the campaign unfolds. O'Hare will write a more detailed account of the hearing later today.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The perfet example of why Allentown is so "low rent".

The Pawlowski one party machine has made a joke out of democracy in Allentown, in my opinion.

And the whole Velez thing. Wow if one phone call could have influenced her so much, is she capable of standing up against anything on city council?

Anonymous said...

The answer to that is yes. She was strong enough to take them to court and represent herself a million times better than Att'y Tim Brennan on the stand.