Feb 9, 2013

Cliffsmanship vs. Disingenuity

At Tom Muller's press conference announcing his candidacy for County Executive, he said he created a word, Cliffsmanship, to describe the dreaded reform slate of commissioners. I have a hard enough time using existing words properly, but I do know disingenuous when I hear it. Muller said he isn't interested in the national debate on spending, that's an issue for our representatives in Washington. However, supposedly he was interested enough in the national discussion to change parties back in May. Speaking of last spring, here's his story back then: Cunningham indicated today he would choose Thomas Muller, the county's director of administration. Muller is a Republican, so he would not be eligible for the permanent job, and said he would not be interested in it anyway. After that statement, Tommy apparently scampered down to the lower level of Government Center and changed his voter registration. He will now be negotiating with the County unions as a Democratic candidate for Executive; Donny Cunningham the Second.


Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, As you know, I am kind to everyone. I wish you would try to be more like me.

Muller said he was not be interested in the job a year ago, when Cunningham resigned, around the time of his party change.

The attempt to turn back CDBG was after that, in June and July. the attempt to hold a budget hostage was after that. A $5 million slice to the budget, cutting personnel funds, was in November.

Last year, I came very close to switching to R. But I could not do so bc there are too many obstructionists who are willing to hold government hostage to their ideology, instead of talking to the other side. Incidentally, Dems have the same problem, and that is why I considered leaving that party.

Since Muller was Cunningham's right hand man and states he is proud of what LC with Don, you have every reason to call him Cunningham II. Tom would probably like that.

But you fail to make the sale when you call him disingenuous.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, yes, admittedly, i lack your people skills. however, i did capture muller, in only 9 sentences, prompting one of your rare defensive comments, outside of your own blog. if muller was so disenchanted with the extremists in the national party, as he claims was the basis for his party change, he could have instead supported moderate republicans, or became an independent. his explanation of his party switch can only seem credible to someone who wants to believe. meanwhile, back here in the county, no CDBG funds were actually turned down at the end of the day, but a discussion based on principle was held, consistent with the platform that those commissioners stated when they ran for office. on the other hand, nobody even knew that muller was now a democrat, except probably cunningham, when they seemingly hatched a plan last spring.

Anonymous said...

County government has been out of control for a long time. When a group comes in with the promise of reigning it in...and they do just that...they are called 'extremists'. I call them promise-keepers.
Nationally we are 16 TRILLION in debt and Republicans who want to get on a simple 'path' to a balanced budget are called 'extremists.' What has happened to the English language?

michael molovinsky said...

@9:10, muller told the press that he switched parties last spring because the nation's GOP leaders are headed in the wrong direction, but that he also played with the idea of seeking the appointment now held by hansell, which required being a democrat. in reality, he would had to pledge not to run, like hansell did, to get that appointment. he also claims he now is running because of "cliffsmanship" by some commissioners. although he said that he is a "straight talker", he seems to have started off his campaign with double talk.