Jan 10, 2013

Allentown's Democracy Dilemma

Although it's the photograph  currently on the City Web Site, it's again out of date. They have yet to take a new picture,  showing that Jeff Glazier replaced Mike Schlossberg. Glazier is the third appointed member. If the new redistricting map had not been rejected by the court, Peter Schweyer would have also resigned for the state house, making four of seven council members appointed, instead of elected. Our appointed Council now tells us that it is their decision to make in regard to the water; that we have a representative democracy.
Long time east side activist Dennis Pearson observes: I recognize that at present in Allentown the providing of water service and sewer service is a monopoly held by the City. The City being a corporate entity in which the stakeholders, the electorate, have the opportunity from time to time to chose the decision makers who ultimately control the operation of these facilities. And at public meeting, these stakeholders with property owners and citizens included, from time to time can be vocal concerning issues related to these municipal monopolies. But what the Mayor is proposing to do with Council's consent is turn this monopoly over to another entity whose operations would be more private, providing fewer opportunities for the public to vocalize their concerns about future problems related to the new more private entity management decisions related to the operation of these plants.

The citizens of Allentown have a dilemma. I believe that selling the water system (lease is a misnomer for a 50 year term) is above a mayor's pay grade. It certainly is above the pay grade of a temporarily appointed council.


Anonymous said...


The faces are different but the results are the same, this new group, except for Jeanette take instruction well and follow orders. That’s why they are there, that is how the machine works, and they understand this. Mike Donovan, a committed a liberal wasn’t willing to be a mere gear in the city’s Democratic machine so he left. I give him credit for that. Perhaps this episode will cause some of the Democratic residents of the city to see the perniciousness of straight party voting and the resulting totalitarian rule.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

And of course that is the ultimate irony......Gurity's (and Glazier's) refrain;"You elected us to make the decessions."
No gentlemen, in three cases we did not.

ironpigpen said...

Allentown has the all-Democrat Government that "We, The People" voted for.

Again, when was the last time the All-Star Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks did NOT approve something that General Secretary Pawlowski wanted them to?

I am learning (very slowly) to publically shut up and mind my own affairs.

The Water Warriors need to learn that Chairman Pawlowski is completely in charge, and that's that!



Anonymous said...

I can't help but be curious. When was the last time Mr Armstrong voted for a D.?
Any D.?
I think his over-all point is well taken, just curious coming from the most partisan of observers

michael molovinsky said...

@2:39, i take your question as rhetorical, but print the comment reluctantly, never the less. i didn't print another question to armstrong. generally, questions should not be addressed to others who comment.

Anonymous said...

All I see, to quote someone who once made a TV appearance with Mr Molovinsky, is a bunch of "hysteria".

After the Phantoms skating at the record-smashing Palace of Sport have ushered in The Economic Revolution (which IS guaranteed to happen) ...

... the City With No (Spending?) Limits will be flush with cash and can simply just buy the Water Works back.

So, I wish everyone would just relax and patiently wait for the guraranteed Good Times.



michael molovinsky said...

viktor, perhaps you have installed a microphone here in the bunker, because that's the subject of tomorrow's post, baring unforeseen news.


MM, it IS about to get hectic as I throw my hat in the ring and dive in head first. But the reality is anyone can see there is SOMETHING terribly wrong when a City's Administration doesn't take into ANY account, the voice and concerns of the City (People). As the Joker (Jack Nicholson) stated in the 90's Batman movie, "This town needs an enema."

Alfonso Todd