Dec 5, 2012

You Don't Look Too Bad

Bernie Goetz told his subway attacker in 1984 that he doesn't look too bad, here's another, then shot him again. Bernie O'Hare tells the story of Teddy Roosevelt finishing a speech after he was shot. With the guns and ammunition in use now a days, neither of those things would happen. District Attorney Morganelli talks about the culture of the night people. The two weapons used in the Bethlehem shooting were a 40 and 45 caliber pistol. The 45 was invented during Teddy Roosevelt's time. It was designed to bring down a cavalry horse, not just the soldier. The Zombie Ammunition shown is not some fabrication to illustrate my point, it is an actual advertisement for hyper bullets by a major manufacturer. We have an arsenal of large caliber concealed weapons, filled with high velocity tissue and bone eating ammo, cruising our city streets. Who are the real zombies?

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Anonymous said...


I find it curious that the same Hollywood Liberal establishment that eschews the second amendment consistently produces films full of guns and glamorized gun violence. This is America’s real gun culture; this is what Bob Costa/gun violence opponents should be speaking against.
Instead they point the finger at the NRA, an organization dedicated to the principle of responsible gun ownership and the constitutional right to possess arms. In other words it is all political. If the Bob Costas’s of the world really wanted to curb gun violence they would first ask Hollywood, much of the music industry, and game creators to curb their lust of firearms and slaughter.

Scott Armstrong