Dec 4, 2012

You Talkin To Me?

About 25 years ago I got into target shooting. As my interest and skill progressed, I purchased several guns. All the guns were designed to punch precise holes in paper targets. They had sophisticated adjustable metal sights, and were long and heavy to control recoil. Recently, I decided to sell them, and visited the local gun stores, for the first time in decades. As is often the case in my life, I once again aged into a dinosaur. The guns stores are now full of very light weight, highly concealable, high caliber pistols, supposedly sold for defense. The light weight creates high recoil, and lack of accuracy. In my era, Carry Permits were sought by merchants who had to make after hour store deposits, into mailbox type chutes, located on the outside of banks. Easy carry laws now permit anybody a gun, for any or no reason. It's little surprise that gun battles, with multiple shooters, are erupting. Welcome to the new wild west. By the way, is anybody interested in a Kodak Instamatic, which uses 126 film cartridges?

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