Dec 7, 2012

The Water War

Wednesday evening Dan Poresky sent a news release to the alternative and main stream media. Although associate Bernie O'Hare got it to press, molovinsky on allentown had already turned off the power. Also today, The Morning Call catches up with Poresky's petition. Meanwhile, yesterday and last night, the uninformed commented on O'Hare's blog. Not to impose on their opinion, but a few facts are in order:

1. City Clerk Mike Hanlon had no choice but to accept the petitions. Over double the required amount were submitted, with criterion used by the administration's solicitor, which was more demanding than the charter actually required.

2. Dan Poresky has been the main energy behind a group effort.

3. There are viable alternatives to the lease, but neither the mayor, or his council will consider them, because they will involve a tax increase. Without the alternatives, homeowners will pay much more for water, lose control of it's operation, and have a tax increase soon enough anyway. The lease behooves pawlowski and council politically, but hurts the homeowners.

If the picture of the monkey and computer offends any of you who comment on O'Hare's blog, I apologize, but I don't know what kind of computers you monkeys have.


ironpigpen said...

General Secretary Pawlowski WILL win his Water War.

How can I be so absolutely sure?

With all due respect, Mr. Molovinsky, when was the LAST time General Secretary Pawlowski lost ANY major engagement?



Bill Sherman said...

Mr. Oleler, I agree with you.Comrade Pawloski has more power than the Chairman.

Anonymous said...

If holio is smart he will not allow the king to push this through because there are many more tokens that are more qualified to move in on this smoke and mirrior trick of the king¿

Anonymous said...

Why did the Molovinsky cross the road?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:51, perhaps you could address the school board about bullying, you have the expertise

Anonymous said...

Not to help the king funnel monies from allentowns kids education¿