Dec 16, 2012

The Bridge To Unfulfilled Expectations

Allentown has been preoccupied with the American Parkway Bridge for decades, therein lies the problem. This preoccupation contributed to the neglect of the 15th Street Bridge, and the current isolation of Allentown's Southside. I find it shortsighted that this unnecessary additional bridge is being built with taxes from all levels of government, while existing bridges deteriorate from lack of funding. Although the concept was born out of jealousy of Bethlehem's route 378 spur route, American Parkway pales in comparison. It's first big flaw is that it does not connect directly with Route 22. It certainly wasn't designed fifty years ago to feed the Riverfront, when considering that plan was unveiled last week. What it will do is reduce the commercial viability of Airport Road, Union Boulevard and N. 7th Street.

post card shows soon to be neglected Tilghman Street Bridge and Union Boulevard.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard from south side business owners as to sales declines since the 15th St. Bridge construction? Can't imagine there aren't but wondered. Drive almost daily past Parkway Shopping Ctr. Fast food restaurant almost empty. Sad to see.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:40, yes i have; their business has suffered from the bridge debacle.

Anonymous said...

Not connected to Rt. 22 ??????

WTF?????? What's the point then???????

Anonymous said...

Gee I thought 7th St connected with 22.

I think it would be better to spend the money to repair the existing roads 6th, 7th, 8th, and allow for a revitalization of that area.

As I recall reading sometime ago are there not improvements either in work or ready to be worked for the interchange of 7th St & 22.

Years ago from the Dairy (with it's resturant, long since closed) to 22 was full of business.

The get-em in and get-em out mentality really stinks here.

OH OH more bridges - how high? Beware jumpers ahead!


Anonymous said...

Yes Anon 11:24. The bridge was pitched as a 'direct' link from Rt. 22 to 'the downtown.' As politicians see it a 'direct link' first stops at Airport Road, then traverses several traffic lights until if finally hits Rt 22. By their reasoning any street and any destination not interrupted by an ocean is a 'direct link.'

Anonymous said...

Th direct link to Route 22 is very misleading and was a ploy to garner support from those not familiar with the area. The Route 145 interchange will remain the quickest path to 7th and Hamilton.

Maybe now we can focus on proper investment in Route 22. Penndot's downsized plan is a disservice to the taxpayers of the LV. How can we possibly justify widening Route 412 to 4 lanes for 24,000 vehicles per day and keep Route 22 at 4 lanes for 95,000 vehicles? That is unacceptable!

Keeping Route 22 at 4 lanes only promotes more sprawl along the margins if our valley on fertile farmland.

We expect better from Congress and LV Delegation to Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure ReNew LV will correct all the many problems as soon as their vision meetings are completed.

Ya gotta believe.

Anonymous said...

Love it Anon 11:34. Justified sarcasm.