Dec 13, 2012

Hoping For Approval

I love the pomp and ceremony packaged by Allentown's new oligarchy. The two architectural renderings for the waterfront project included in yesterday's Morning Call article were classic. Apparently, the illustrator doesn't know how to draw baggy jeans worn below the waist. In the second drawing, not shown, the neighborhood is blurred away, which is the oldest and poorest in Allentown. But the topic for today's sermon is the Allentown Planning Commission. The article states that the developers face a lengthy approval process by the city and that there are several hurdles developers must clear before receiving city approval. We all remember too well how the Planning Puppies yelped about not being included in the Arena Plan Loop. So Pawlowski arranged a perfunctory meeting where the planners got to see partial plans. One puppy asked if the service entrance garage door would be pretty. Another asked if any trees would be planted. Then the puppies scampered over to Pawlowski for treats.


Anonymous said...


I really dislike all of these glass buildings. Example : The Allen HS 9th grade wing is hideously ugly, and doesnt match the main building at all. Can you do a story on why no one uses traditional classic architecture which used to be the hallmark of buildings in Allentown. I realize masonry is expensive, but give some brick somewhere on a building in Atown!

Anonymous said...

It's depressing the best they can do is some office space and apartments, two things the City doesn't need more of.


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I expect ANYTHING for here, and other sites, to be quickly approved.

None of this has to make any sense LATER. . . this is all about gathering baubles NOW!