Dec 6, 2012

Guns and Ammo

Yesterday, both Bernie O'Hare and I had posts about the shooting in South Bethlehem. Also yesterday, Paul Carpenter had a column on the same occurrence. Carpenter gave Morganelli credit for his courage using the term Culture concerning the shootout, but then batted the topic back and forth so much that he drew no conclusion. Carpenter wondered if Culture referred to young Hispanic males? Morganelli said no, just young in general. I think that Morganelli's Culture referred to young males in a lower social economic demographic, and assorted wannabes, exploring hipness. An extended comment section on O'Hare's blog revealed another culture, which I call Guns and Ammo. That's a reference to a popular magazine specializing on both those items. These are the 2nd Amendment advocates, the NRA members, and assorted gun right advocates. In that world when it comes to bullet caliber, bigger is much better. They have successfully lobbied for the right to carry in most states. The gun industry has responded with a large assortment of small light weight guns, designed for concealable carry, in high calibers. One middle class, self described liberal, anonymously stated that he carries a 45. Although he may feel that this caliber is necessary, and although he may be well trained in it's use, an unintended consequence is millions of lightweight, high caliber weapons in the hands of untrained, undisciplined people, with a chip on their shoulder and a hot head. Thirty high caliber shots were fired last weekend in the South Bethlehem gun battle.


Anonymous said...

Not liberal...... left wing. Not middle class..... working class. (I don't go to bars.NEVER mix firearms and alcohol.)
Not light-weight..... Gov. Model 1911, 45ACP. A design that is a century old; been in the gun shops quite some time now.
I load my own, thanks, but always enjoy a knowledgeable conversation on the relative advantage of contemporary loads.

Gun control is hitting your target.
Thanks for the oppertunity to post a correction.

Anonymous said...

I am middle-class, middle-aged and have resided in the Lehigh Valley my entire life, and never before have I considered carrying a gun on my person for defensive purposes. I closely follow crime trends as part of my job and as a concerned citizen. News flash: We do not live in the same Lehigh Valley that we remember, as Mike's commentaries always point out. Couple this with the realities of movie theater , college campus and shopping center shoot outs elsewhere, and I feel less safe than ever before, right here in ABE. I only recently decided to take more responsibility for my (and family's) protection. Sad fact - Crime is everywhere, police are not.

I now possess a legally-obtained firearm, I train regularly and am licensed to carry in at all times (within reason).

Not planning to use it, but...


Anonymous said...

As a sometimes resident of the great state of Alaska I feel the need to chime in here. first of all, like Anon1 @12/2/2012 2:01pm I am a Left Wing guy, not a Liberal. Working not Middle class. Unlike Anon I do not carry a gun, but I do support those who do.

Some facts about the other state I call home. Alaska has the largest percentage of gun owners in the US, 60% of the state population own guns. Alaska also has no need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Anyone who is able to legally own a gun is able to legally carry a concealed weapon. (sorry fellons, no guns for you)

Now with all these hot headed young Alaskans (Alaska also has one of the highest underage drinking arrests in the country) running around with guns you would think that there would be more shootings right? Turns out thats not the fact. Alaska has the lowest per capita violent crime rate in the country. Thats fewers shootings, fewer muggings, and fewer robberies. Why? because when everyone could be armed then the criminal element is less likely to think about doing something to you. When it's well know that more then half of everyone has a gun and they know hw to use them then there is less crime.

Your right that consumerism dictates production. there are now more high power handguns made in smaller forms so as to be easier to put in a purse, a hip or shoulder holster. and to me it's the large amount of those small size, high caliber weapons that make Alaska such a safe place to live (except for your liver)

Anonymous said...

Could be those leftys are a wee bit more complex than most often given credit on this and similar sites?

Anonymous said...

As the poster from Alaska stated since the criminals know more than half the people they see are packin, they are much less likely to commit their petty acts of revenge. Works there would work most any other place.

Also there needs to be a change to protecting yourself much like Florida has in their "Stand Your Ground" policies. You no longer have to recede to the depths of your home to protect yourself if someone breaks in.

CWP & Carry - Yes