Dec 26, 2012

Arena Dooms Old Allentown

A resident of N. 8th Street expressed concern about traffic congestion at last night's arena meeting. She should be concerned, because the City has said that existing traffic patterns and existing parking can accommodate the arena. That's only true if the arena is going to be a failure, anything more successful will impact both traffic and parking. What that resident should really be concerned about is the Old Allentown Preservation Association; Once again those lapdogs ate their doggie biscuit, but this time it's poison. For decades those yuppies yearned for an adjoining quaint downtown, although they never sufficiently patronized such merchants that did remain. For years they supported City policies, and in return had a problem building occasionally removed at taxpayer expense. Welcome to the architectural wasteland coming your way. Welcome to a square block parking lot with a white elephant monstrosity sports palace. Welcome to the fruits of your complicity.
reprinted from November of 2011

UPDATE: Since this was published over a year ago, the arena complex plans have expanded to include an office building and hotel. Also the Reilly Cabal is building additional buildings, on the corners of 7th,  at both Hamilton and Linden. Professional advocate for the low income, Alan Jennings, pushed come-lately CUNA out of way, and is getting some funding for his operation. Despite all this wheeling and dealing, not a dollar has been thrown at our yuppie friends holding down Fort Apache.  They should reprint this post, and redeem it on the fifth floor of City Hall for some consideration.


Anonymous said...

Perfectly accurate but ----- this is news?

Anonymous said...

The guy has a For Sale sign tattooed on his white butt.
But you have to hand it to him he is a genius at self promotion!

michael molovinsky said...

@4:11, assuming you're referring to jennings, i'm disturbed at the criticism of him over at o'hares blog. although both bernie and I have taken him to task on occasion, we sign our names and bump into the man now and then. this particular post observes that Old Allentown is getting nothing out of all this development, except traffic. it notes that jennings beat cuna to the punch in regard to a community benefit spinoff. it's not critical of jennings. bernie's post is critical, but then again, bernie owns his words.


We KNOW the arena is coming whether we want it or not, and I am spreading the word to residents to get SOMETHING established ASAP. We have 2 years! There should be many ways to profit from the arena / projects besides waiting for the "powers that be" to sprinkle crumbs on the myriad of neighborhood non-profits in the area who will, literally, fight over the scraps. People may not like or disagree with Alan Jennings, but he made it happen and is getting his funding. Apparently, the people who THOUGHT they were IN with the IN CROWD, when it came to the arena, weren't and have the lack of funding to prove it....

Alfonso Todd

We CAN Do Better


Anonymous said...

I've been watching this Greek tragedy play out since the late 80's Mike. Keep up the great blog and a Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Ted Yost