Nov 23, 2012

No Shopping Zone

Ed Pawlowski and Company have officially declared Hamilton Street a No Shopping Zone. Many years ago I was prohibited from operating a business near 16th and Walnut Streets. I was told that if I wanted to conduct business, I should have opened up in the Business District. The merchants of Hamilton Street learned last year that they were in the Hockey District. Today, Black Friday, Hamilton Street will be closed from 7th to 6th Street, to accommodate the demolition of the former 1st National Bank Building.

watercolor by Karoline Schaub-Peeler


Anonymous said...

Lawns turned into parking lots. Single family dwellings subdivided
into multiple apartments. Mattresses sometimes thrown against buildings and you couldn't open a business?

Anonymous said...

You may wish to warn (yes warn) Lehigh Parkway visitors. Do not enter after 4:30 tonight and tomorrow and as scheduled through December. The annual Lights event begins.

Anonymous said...

I just have one question, how legally can public rightaways be sold as private property and blocked of to only foot traffic?


Anonymous said...

But think of all the shopping that hockey fans will do!! And eating!!! It'll be so great once we destroy EVERYTHING.