Nov 6, 2012

Comforting The Comfortable

Never mind that Obama is comforting the owner of North Point Marina, a one percenter, this became the iconic image of the 2012 election. Never mind that as I write, the people of New Jersey are literally wrestling for gasoline. Never mind that although it was a worldwide viral photo opportunity for Obama, it became just another failed mission for FEMA. A version of the photo, with Chris Christie cut out, is featured on The White House Blog. Christie is not only cut out of the photograph, but likely out of future national Republican politics. Hopefully, there are no term limits on the New Jersey governorship.


Anonymous said...

This picture makes me like Chris Christy a little bit. This is something I thought I would never do. It makes him appear human and reminds us that our country is made up of people of both parties working on solving problems together. That is a great message for election day.

Anonymous said...

Obama is comforting the woman whom I assume lost her marina to the disaster because the Republican governor would presumably lecture her about the need for small government?

The Republican message doesn't hold up during disasters. That's when we cry for the nanny-state to kiss our boo-boo's.

It is my belief that this is when all people, no matter their party, expect government to be there for them.