Oct 23, 2012

The Debate Performance

As a supporter of Mitt Romney, I'm pleased with my candidate this morning after last night's debate. I listened to the post event pundits declare Obama the evening's winner; And a fine recital it was. Although the Fact Checkers will argue if Obama's Middle East visit in 09 was an Apology Tour, he never did reach Israel. Has the perception of the United States improved in the last four years? This past weekend Egyptian President Morsi attended services in Cairo, where the cleric prayed that the Jews and their supporters are destroyed. When the words of both candidates last evening are analyzed, separated from the performance, charm and oratory tone, there's a different result. As a country, vision and leadership will serve us better than acting and public speaking.


ironpigpen said...

I would have given my very last dollar to see Mr. Romney ask President Obama, "What is the capital of Israel>"



Anonymous said...

Sadly too many think the capital is the Upper West side.