Oct 7, 2012

Bill White's Cake Recipes

It's hard for Bill White, Morning Call columnist, to win with me. On one hand, I criticize him for writing about grammar and judging baking contests; On the other hand, I lampoon his occasional forays into the political arena. I suppose I should honestly start with the jealousy disclaimer. Bill gets paid big bucks to produce three columns a week, and uses his bully pulpit to eat his way through Musikfest. I produce six posts a week, and must drive around town wearing a disguise for my reward. Anyway, Bill put down the food yesterday, and wrote about the water lease. He concluded his column by saying that he was against a referendum, because we have a representational democracy, with elected Council members.
I believe a decision this important should be made by elected officials who have devoted their time and expertise to studying all the ramifications, not to a popular vote by people who in the vast majority of cases will be much less informed. This is how a representative democracy is supposed to work.
Had Bill attended more than one council meeting every five years, he would know that we have a rubber stamp, which has never denied this mayor any request. With three of the seven council members being appointed, instead of elected, and a decision with a 50 year consequence, what is he talking about? Bill, stay with the cake recipes.


Anonymous said...

I read it too.
so Bill, the citizens of Allentown are too stupid to have strong beliefs and input into the operation of their local government?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little jealous too. What a gig.

doug_b said...

"not to a popular vote by people who in the vast majority of cases will be much less informed"

#1. The people who are less informed elected these council members.

#2. That's what the liberals say when they know that the majority of the people don't want what the government is trying to shove down our throats.

Anonymous said...

"So Bill, the citizens of Allentown are too stupid to have strong beliefs and input into the operation of their local question?"

Um, er, ah ...


Speaking of important stuff the citizenry IS supposed to be extremely concerned about --- Got season tickets to see Pawlowski's Phantoms skate at the record-smashing Palace of Sport, yet?



michael molovinsky said...

viktor, bill white's partner in crime, er, i mean opinion columns, paul carpenter, says today that it's only 737 days till christmas, er, i mean hockey at the arena.

Anonymous said...

Bill White has sold himself out to the beliefs of his left-leaning employer. He thinks it best to leave everything to government, particularly our current government.

After all, it's so much better to have someone else watch over us. Drones R Us.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I generally oppose referenda on questions like this. I opposed the Gracedale referendum, and even went to court over it. I am leery of a tyranny of the majority.

But in this instance, you are right on the mark. Democracy is dead in Allentown. In short order, three of its seven members will be appointees. It would seem to me that they were not elected to make these difficult decisions, so you might as well leave it up to the people.

It strikes me that a referendum might be the only thing left that would instill some democratic spirit back into the city.

Anonymous said...

What does one expect from Bill White? No surprise here.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

"737 days"?

That's quality reporting from Comrade White --- all the relevant information a compliant Comrade needs and nothing more!

You should stop insurrecting and give The Morning Call some due credit immediately, Comrade Molovinsky.

I love TMC ... It reminds me of Pravda and Izvestia back home.

Izvestia used to sponsor a major international ice hockey tournament at the Luzhniki Palace of Sport in Moscow every year just prior to Christmas, Comrade Molovinsky.

"The dress rehearsal for the Olympic Games" is what the Izvestia Cup was always known as and attendance (including foreign tourists and their important hard Western currency) was always exceptional.

Perhaps TMC will sponsor a major international ice hockey tournament just prior to Christmas at Chairman Pawlowski's transformative Palace of Sport to help promote Tourism in the City Without (Spending) Limits?

A high-profile tournament could help fill all three of the luxury hotels downtown, of course ...