Oct 17, 2012

A Revisionist Debate

Last night Obama said that he had called the attack terrorism in the rose garden, and the moderator backed him up; The same moderator who allowed him about four minutes more of talk time. Obama's use of the word that day was with a small t, in the most general sense of the word. The murder of anyone, much less four Americans, is terror. The Administration, Susan Rice, and Hilary Clinton in the next week all clarified that the attack was not organized by a Terror Cell, but resulted from spontaneous outrage, sparked by the YouTube video. Since then, that explanation has been discredited. We now know that indeed it was a Terrorist Group. For Candy Crowley to have backed up Obama on that revisionist claim was not only weak moderating, but biased to a fault. Worse, after the debate, she seemed to take pride in being part of the terror distortion.


Anonymous said...

Distortion...yup...R said O never called it a terrorist attack the day after the attack...the tape shows he did...facts...always a bitch (right along with those damndable videos and tape recorders...all distorted like.)

Anonymous said...

To top it off, after the debate Crowley admitted that she had HER facts wrong and Romney had it right. Of course, that admission was only for those who watched the CNN aftershow.

Besides the moderator, I also found bias in some of the questions themselves. The worst was from the woman who was concerned that Mitt Romney would turn out to be like George Bush.

Not only did Romney have to answer the question, but Mr. Obama got to point out how he thought Romney WOULD be just like President Bush.

If the debate were fair and Romney had to answer the Bush question, Obama should have had to answer a question about how he is different from Karl Marx.

Dan Quayle said...

How Obama is different than Karl Marx?

Have we really slipped that far into fantasy left on the extreme right?

I must have missed the point during the 2008 campaign, four years in the White House, or during the 2012 campaign where Obama discussed the need to identify the "actual self" so that the "species-being" could be identified. I must have missed the policy address on labor power. I must have missed the "Class consciousness" bill that led to a violent overthrow of the ruling class of bourgeoisie.

Stop calling Obama a Marxist - it undermines the credibility of your argument. Not one Marxist policy has come to America since 2008. Stop lying.

Regarding the Rose Garden comments: Mr. Molovinsky, if you would prefer a rambling diatribe rife with jingoistic language regarding abstract concepts like "freedom" and "terror" - please hold tight to your George W Bush blanket and dream of the days when intellectualism was banned outright from Pennsylvania Avenue. Dream of the days when critical thinking was politicized and emblazoned as hating America.

Or, dream of the days to come when Romney is elected President and this country begins to fall apart at its seams.

You folks on the extreme right will not see reality for what it is. Your world has been created for you by false news outlets, radical talking heads, and blatant falsehoods.

God help us all if you folks win on November 6th.

ironpigpen said...

ANDERSON COOPER admitted on CNN that Crowley and Obama were WRONG on the Benghazi Statement from the Rose Garden in question.

Anderson Cooper was forced to admit on CNN that the murder of the U.S. Ambassador was NOT called an act of terror in the Rose Garden.


Facts, and transcripts, are a stubborn thing.

From what I hear, only three people in the entire country ever actually watch CNN and, apparently, Anon 7:46 is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

On Sept. 12 at the White House, Obama made a broad reference to terrorism. "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation," Obama said, in the aftermath of the death of Stevens and three other Americans. A day later, at a campaign event in Golden, Colorado, he was more specific. "I want people around the world to hear me: To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished."
"Denial"... not just a river in Egypt.
I'd rather believe the guy who just doesn't spout "You can run, but you can't hide" but actually nails the guy.

Anonymous said...

Obama spoke in generalities. The only thing he was specific about was blaming a video for the attack. He even spoke about it in his address to the UN.

I realize you Obama supporters are in a mad scramble to cover for him, but we all saw Obama and his minions blaming the video for weeks.

Sorry, but it's far too early to be revising history on this one. We're on to the tactic.

Anonymous said...

I almost have to admire how some people can distort their reality. I wish I could do it so easily.
So if a bank gets robbed and a spokesman comes out the next day to make a statement about the robbery and says "I will not tolerate crime in our city", in your world he is just making a generalized statement with no connection to the crime that just happened. I guess in the end you can argue about the many shades of a blue sky, but in the end, the reality is under THIS administration, Bin Ladin was taken out (Now please respond that it really wasn't him but the forces he directed or he was forced to by some general to do it, or Bin Ladin was already dead or ad nauseum of tripe sent around in emails to discredit a hard fact for O haters to swallow).
Talk is cheap, I look at results.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:57 according to you, although obama said it was terrorism, everybody else in his administration, mistakenly and independently said it resulted from spontaneous reaction to the youtube video for the next ten days. it's apparent that obama meant the terror is the most general sense, such as the terror of halloween. at any rate, i have hosted enough comments with your point of view. submit such further comments somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. `I won't bother you with facts and different points of view anymore. You should have put at the end of the post "Obama bashers only need reply, facts optional".

michael molovinsky said...

@1:24, if obama felt it was a planned terrorist attack, like he now concedes, he should have told his U.N. ambassador to the united states, and his secretary of state, instead of allowing them to blame a YouTube for over a week on every news show possible. both obama and candy crowley compromised their credibility with that performance the other night.

Anonymous said...

Actual documents being released today in Congress from our late ambassador in Libya are STUNNING!

This should give all of us pause to question the competence and integrity of the Obama administration on matters of foreign affairs.