Oct 29, 2012

An Exclusive Bombshell

molovinsky on allentown has learned that the Pawlowski Administration is trying to put obstacles and roadblocks in the way of the Water Lease Referendum group. Julio Guridy requested an opinion from City Solicitor Jerry Snyder, concerning who can collect signatures for the referendum. In what is a convoluted stretch of the City Charter, Snyder concludes that all petition circulators must be pre-registered  at City Hall, with City Clerk Mike Hanlon, just like the Committee members of the referendum. In reality, there was a precedent, the Rental Inspection Referendum of 1999. As documented in the previous post, over 80 circulators were involved in that previous petition, without pre-certification by Hanlon. It appears as if citizen rights under the charter are being repressed.


  1. Sounds like they are gathering an enemies list to me.

  2. Snyder is a hack, and City Council should do everything possible to force him to resign. I would suggest that they adjust the line item for the Solicitor's Office to a salary of $1.

    But let's face it, Snyder is only following the Mayor's orders. If Council does nothing and fails to step in, they are complicit. These tactics are typical of what has become of Allentown City Hall. It is why the Mayor and EVERY member of City Council (except for Eichenwald) needs to be thrown out of office in the next election.

    That effort should receive broad support regardless of political party or where one stands on the issue at hand.

  3. lvci, that's being paranoid. in reality, they are trying to hinder the referendum effort by saying that all circulators must first come to city hall and register with hanlon, before collecting signatures.

  4. That's not good government. That goes against every oath government officials swore to and every law they promised to protect. These officials people haven't any conscious. They are truly self-serving. I am glad I don't live in A-Town. The people there wouldn't be held with blame, if they took to the streets to revolt. Because everything else that they are legally trying to do, has been combated with hurdles from the King Edwin Administration.

    And there is basically nothing that I can do. If I boycott A-Town, who am I really hurting? King Edwin doesn't feel it. Only the mom+pop businesses feel it. I hope the voters in A-Town get off their butts and let those in City Hall feel it, the next time around.

    I would hate to be around when these government officials get their come-upings!

  5. Where's the ACLU to step in and fight for people's rights?

    Or do they only get involved when they can attack a Republican?

  6. the administration is trying to suppress the referendum group by imposing the inconvenience of circulators first traveling to city hall during business hours to register with hanlon. this requirement has no reference in the city charter, or a precedent. i believe the exposure of that shenanigan, on this blog, will help to rectify that injustice. the referendum effort is non-political, and bi-partisan. it has to do with the best interests of property owners for the next 50 years.

  7. So citizens DO NOT have the right to petition the government unless so permitted by same government?

  8. comments addressing @9:26 will not appear, and 9:26 should not have been printed either, it remains only because it has been up all day. this is not a partisan issue, although the entire administration and council belonging to only one party doesn't help foster checks and balances. in my view the main problem is political arrogance

  9. This is just the latest, but also one of the most outragiousy egregious assaults on democracy in Allentown...... I'm not sure what to say. Dispicable!

  10. MM -

    An ACLU office opened in Allentown within the past few years, with a fair amount of publicity. We now have clear evidence of local government trying to use its power to suppress the ability of the people to express their opinion at the polls.

    I think it's fair to ask why the ACLU is not involved.

    This is an issue that cuts across party and ideological lines. I've seen conservative Republicans willing to work with the most extreme segments of the local liberal left. The purpose of mentioning this is not to politicize the cause, but to illustrate the broad cross-section of people who are against the plan. The water system is a city asset, and belongs to all of us. We're all in this together.

    If ordinary people can put politics aside in favor of the common good, I think it's fair to ask why the ACLU seemingly cannot. Even more than a ballot question, opponents need competent legal counsel to derail the water sale/lease plan.

    A Conservative Republican

  11. @7:21,
    #1. the public didn't know until my post this morning that roadblocks were being put in front of the referendum activists
    #2. MSM is now making inquiries into the situation
    #3. you are free to contact the ACLU or hire a lawyer
    #4. you are free to at least volunteer to be petition circulator.
    #5. i will host no more comments about the ACLU or other off topic soap box topics.

  12. scott armstrong couldn't get pass the word verification, here's his comment;
    You are correct, this is not a partisan issue but only because there are no active partisans left in the city.Been there done that.

    Scott Armstrong

  13. There are a lot of bad analogies being spewed from the city solicitor and city council. They are implying that the petitioners are up to no good. So they want to make sure that the petitioners are on the up and up.

    Who makes sure that King Edwin and the city are on the up and up? Everytime Julio opens his mouth, he is insulting city residents. If he can't see it, he needs a dose of reality. Put him out, and see what kind of job he can land in today's economy that isn't affiliated with his buddy/buddy partisanship. These guys would starve to death if they had to find a real job.


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