Sep 24, 2012

Weekly Reader

When I was growing up my parents would receive both The Morning Call and The Evening Chronicle.* This was their main source of news. Television in the late 40's and early 50's had national and world news, but there was no local programing in Allentown. The antenna on our roof would receive the three network (ABC, NBC, and CBS) stations from Philadelphia, and that was it. The morning and evening papers provided the local news, in addition to national and world stories. Hess Brothers and Leh's would compete with multiple full page Ads. We children also had our own little paper, Weekly Reader, handed out in the classroom every Friday. I think of it when I get the thin Morning Call on Mondays.

* The Morning Call and Evening Chronicle were both published by same company, Call-Chronicle Newspapers.

reprinted from March, 2010


Anonymous said...

It's not really a newspaper anymore...more like a newsletter.

Bethlehem Native said...

Thin Monday papers aren't exclusive to The Morning Call. The Arizona Republic's Monday and Tuesday editions combined still have less pages than Wednesday's edition.

Anonymous said...

If my team stinks, don't worry.

The other teams stink, too.



Anonymous said...

Dear MM,Thanks for the memories.Let's not forget the diligent paperboys.One in particular that my girlfriend and I had a huge crush on in the 6th ward.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me about this reader is that it is not written "down" to kids.