Sep 26, 2012

The Morning Call Idea Contest

The Morning Call is in desperate need of ideas, especially for it's columnists. Ideas can be submitted as letters to the editor. Your intellectual property will be deleted from your letter, but reappear without credit or attribution, as a headline by one of their writers. Blogger Michael Molovinsky has won the contest several times. Only one submission per week will be accepted.


Anonymous said...

MM -

Don't get mad, get even.

Might I suggest eating yourself fat at local festivals, writing about it, and then acting as if it were serious journalism.

Anonymous said...

The eternal optimism of the "it will only get better over time" mayor who has failed miserably at redeveloping Allentown is a good one.

Another is how JB Reilly got " fleeced" by drinking the royal koolaid served as a prelude to each city council meeting.

This makes the Wizard of Oz look like nonfiction

Anonymous said...

We are expecting too much if we expect the MCall to act like a real newspaper.

You and Bernie O'Hare provide the real journalism in this town.

If you resisted the temptation to engage in character assassinations you'd really provide a service.

It hurts your credibility when you skewer people.

But, I like the journalism. You nailed the water deal.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Call now has Salisbury special edition. Oh, copy cat Call.
East Penn Press has that sewn up
for years and now Patch is joining
in the media race. The Call ignored its customer base.

Anonymous said...

A number of these individuals belong on a skewer.
They should be grilled or roasted in PUBLIC.
Thank you Mr. Molovinsky for keeping us abreast of important information that affects us all. This sort of information is generally not available to those of us not in the "inner" circle.

Anonymous said...

MM, one must ask exactly how relevant the Mourning Call is anymore. Does anyone actually buy the paper anymore? I signed up for 1 year of Sunday papers delivery for a penny for my wife's coupons. How obvious a blatant attempt at raising numbers to fool advertisers! It's even worse now, I am "lucky" enough to now get free Thursday and Saturday papers which don't get read, they go right into recycling.

You have to feel somewhat sorry for the bunch of hot airbags like White and the guy that always has to mention his Asian wife. They are on a sinking ship. In a few more years it will cease to exist.

MM, sometimes you just have to let go. Hess Brothers is long gone. College Freshmen have never set foot in one of their stores. Journalism as we knew it is dead. Trolleys are gone. It's the Welfare state now and once these people learn they can vote themselves benefits, our Republic is rapidly coming to an unfortunate end.