Sep 23, 2012

Romney's 47%

Yesterday I went to the Social Security Office, across from the prison, to discuss my retirement options. I was given number 199. In addition to retirement, Social Security also dispenses money for disability. I would say from the gray hair, there were about three of us contemplating retirement, all the others were for disability. A few middle age men were carrying their fake canes. The canes aren't fake, it's the disabilities. I saw one such gentleman walk in from the parking lot, clearly the cane bore no weight, and was merely a prop. Most of the people waiting were quite young, in their twenties. Disability has now been expanded to include mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, additive personality and anger management. I will say many of them did look angry to me. It was hard finding a parking space. Business also looked good at the prison. If Johnny Manana's had gotten these crowds....

The above is reprinted from a previous post entitled Growth Industry In Allentown.  The Obama camp and their sycophants in the media, think that they're having a field day with the secret Romney tape.  In reality, the tape raises a question about a serious problem in America,  which Obama and his choir wouldn't want to address.


ironpigpen said...

More Obamunism is a done deal, just ask Bernie O'Hare.

America is addicted to the entitlements. Its addicted to the endless welfare and wealth transfer. It absolutely loves its free stuff and rejects all attempts to stop the outrageous and unsustainable spending.

It clearly wants its $ 179.5 million dollar Pawlowski Palace of Sport and is completely disinterested in any discussion of fiscal sanity.

Romney's all-out War On Women was a really stupid idea because America wants its free contraception and, most importantly, free abortions --- Romney should have been smart enough to recognize this.

America WANTS to be the European Union and, because it feels SO GUILTY for past greatness that was actually undeserved, it actually wants to become Greece.

And America knows Obama is completely qualified to make that happen as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, MM and ROLF, to a certain extent. I believe there is a certain amount of our U.S. population that does thrive on entitlements, just as thee are those, like myself, and you all, who believe we need to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Unfortunately, the new question seems to be, "What if you don't have any boots?" My answer has been then you need to walk barefoot until you find, stumble upon, or can make a pair. Many don't look at it like this though. It has always been a war between the "haves" and the "have nots" and the contention is that if you "have not" then you do whatever you can to get "put on" or get a "step up", even if it means taking advantage of government programs, subsidies, or any other monies or help that may be available. Until we give people in Allentown and beyond, a sense of pride and a reason to attempt to want more than food stamps and "a hustle", then we may be in this situation for a while.

If you KNOW better, you DO better,

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Tax cuts for the wealthy don't amount to entitlements?
$100 dollars should be offered to any woman desiring an abortion.
Freely available abortions will save society much more than the cost of the proceedure over a short time.

Anonymous said...


I had an interesting exchange at the state store when the 47% was being blown up by the press. I was discussing it with the clerk who is a friend when the guy behind me must have taken offense to my general support of Romney's statement. He proudly showed me his Access card and told me he had earned it by "paying into the system". I found that notion difficult to understand but responded by telling him that if he needed public assistance to by food he shouldn't be in the state store buying liquor.
He didn't like that.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

@1:33, tax cuts for the wealthy are mostly a fabrication of the divisive media, unfortunately, including the president. from 39 to 35% doesn't constitute much of a cut. romney's income is from interest, which is taxed at 15% for everybody. i'm a fiscal conservative, not a social conservative, and will not host any further discussion on women's health issues.

Dem Res of Atown said...

As is usual, hardline party myopics love to bunch people and issues into "please God, just don't make me have to think" black and white groupings. And if the 47% receiving entitlements in reality happens to be closer to 15%, who cares?, the ends justify the lies. The fact that a very small percentage of that 15% scam the system is disgusting and it should be a priority to have it stopped. But can you see the logical conclusion to stripping those in drastic need of benefits to halt the derelicts? If you can, let me know what happens to the helpless in your sink or swim society. Will there be camps for such people to be disposed of? Or will laws be enacted to allow the families of the useless disabled to be put out of their misery? I'm just currious, where do you think they're going?

michael molovinsky said...

@8:23, romney privately stated that he believed that obama would attract 47% of the voters who were predisposed to certain government programs. all the other callous allegations you just presented were not from him, but divisive distortions.

doug_b said...

Tax Policy Center, which provides data showing that in 2011, 46.4 percent of American households paid no federal income tax.

But the liberals want to weasel out of this by adding: The same data shows, however, that nearly two-thirds of households that paid no income tax did pay payroll taxes. Well duh! Everyone has to pay FICA.

The real problem with entitlements is that once you start you can’t stop. It points up a failure in our government / society not to deal with problems, but rather throw money at the problem.

The pay as you go social security and medicare systems are a perfect example: The SS ‘trust fund’ was looted for years by the Congress, which replaced the money with special TBills that are non-marketable. In a way we already have socialized medicine: The federal government purchases 43% of all health care (medicare and medicaid).

Years ago my wife was a social worker. She resigned. Was feed up with 32 year old grandma’s and paying the grandma to take care of their grandchildren.

Obama just keeps lying – lies about the real unemployment, never mentions the fact the the labor force participation rate is at an all time low, changes rules so he can hide people in disability and foodstamp progams. Giving illegal children of illegal aliens special benefits – hell they can get instate tution when they’re not citizens. All this is done by ‘executive order’. This is the way it’s done in South American dictatorships – not the United States!