Sep 27, 2012

Perilous Times


Anonymous said...

I understand why a Jewish person would be interested in the survival of Israel. Please don't take this as a criticism, but I was wondering if you could come up with a short list of reasons of how helping Israel is a benefit to the U.S. Are the only reasons to have an ally in the region to protect our oil interests and to stop the whackos from obtaining nukes? The con of having Israel as an ally is obvious when it comes to dealing with Israel hating oil rich countries. As far as the nukes go, it doesn't seem to have affected the U.S. much with the nut cases in North Korea or Pakistan.
I would seriously like someone to explain if there are some other reasons, besides religious dogma, of how the U.S. benefits from helping Israel.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:50, although i have confronted distortions about israel on the paper's editorial page, with a large audience, i prefer not to debate israel one on one here on this blog. i presented a video, produced by jews, hoping to prevail upon the other 78% of the jews, who voted for obama in 08. i presented this for the edification of interested readers, who probably otherwise, would have never seen it. i belong to the 22%

Anonymous said...

This puts Jewish American voters between a rock and a very, very hard place!