Sep 30, 2012

Jostling With Windmills

I had a chance encounter with an opponent of the water lease plan in the grocery store. The person mentioned how tiring the battle has been, and how difficult it will be to succeed with keeping the water system in the citizen's hands. I know a little bit about this exhaustion, I have been fighting City Hall for well over a decade, as an army of one. The last group I belonged to was the Cub Scouts. I ran as an independent for office. I think my visits to City Hall inspired some of the security buffers now in place. There are few reporters, or editors, at The Morning Call that I haven't had words with, at one time or another. I could list a few victories here, but I won't risk jinxing my limited success. Blogging has been a fortunate vehicle for me. My detractors would be shocked to see a who's who of my readership. I thank you for that.                                                                     Michael Molovinsky


Anonymous said...

Could you possibly tell us what's going on with the Parkway blocked entrance? No one sees any work ever being done on these walls but the orange ugly plastic barriers
have now been there six months. It's not your job to know but maybe you might? This week the city black topped the road going out the back entrance. Maybe in time for the annual Lights event?

michael molovinsky said...

@10:39, once again it's a case of misplaced priorities. schreibers bridge, despite the reconstruction this summer, has been again severely damaged. pawlowski allowing the 15th street to rust away as both community development director under afflerbach, then mayor, was a crime against the city, especially the south side. schreibers bridge, although built in 1828, will get destroyed this year by an overweight truck. there should be a full time person there monitoring the situation. i don't see how they possibly can have that much traffic on the bridge, and still have lights in the parkway.

Anonymous said...

Permission to Praise.
Mr. Molovinsky,
Recently several nice things have happened in Allentown. The Pepsi distribution center S. 12 St.
redid the entire front of its property--new parking, new black top, new fencing. Very attractive.
Also, the nearby S. 12 St. rail road crossing, a former wheel base nightmare, has been completely redone and now an egg will not break as a car drives across. And, finally, today we noticed a a spanking new Gold's Gym has opened adjacent to the Bottom Dollar on Lehigh Street. 8:30 a.m. lots of cars.
Thank you for allowing this post.

Anonymous said...

10:54 Post:
MM. 100% correct! No enforcement whatsoever at Schreibers! How much longer before this little antique bridge collapses. Then what! Folks use canoes to cross the Little Lehigh. It's disgusting what's been allowed to happen to Schreibers.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you do, MM!

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

I know this is unrealted to your article, but I opened Yahoo this morning and there were 9 different articles stating Obama will beat Romney. 9 different reasons why the POTUS will defeat Romney!!! Is the president that far ahead or is this just the lame media telling us who to vote for?

Anonymous said...

That beautiful historic bridge is being destroyed.


Anonymous said...

The.Parkway entrance wall was supposed to be done in 90 days as per a Moring Call story quoting a " city spokesperson". That story ran in April or May.
Weeks before Weitzel left town for greener pastures.

Hey Morning Call, how about a correction?

The City will run the Lights traffic backwards, changing the direction of Lehigh Parkway traffic once again.

You heard it here on the Molovinsky Channel first.